‘Saddest Ever’ Stray Cat Finally Gets Adopted

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The “saddest ever” stray cat who spent a long time in a shelter has finally been adopted and is happier than ever!

This is why people should adopt rather than shop…

Now, who doesn’t love cats?

It turns out that the majority of us actually love cats…

Statistics here in the United States show that there are 88.3 million pet cats compared to 74.8 million pet dogs. Who says that dogs are better than cats?!

And studies have proven that owning a cat is certain to lower stress and blood pressure.  

But a cat isn’t as needy or high-maintenance as a dog is, making them much better pets for people who work a lot.

So many cats spend the majority of their lives in animal shelters waiting for a loving home.

Many hopeful cat owners simply ignore the older cats who have been waiting so long for their forever home.

And to make things even worse, many older cats end up getting euthanized because they can’t find a home.

And this brings us to today’s heartwarming story.

And Mr. Willis has been waiting for a loving home for quite some time.

As you can see, he is a very unique cat.

Mr. Willis constantly has a sad expression on his face and the staff at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota believe that this has been caused by numerous fights with other cats.

Because he got along very well with the other cats in the shelter.

Which makes him a little bit more high maintenance than other cats – a factor that turned many people away from the 6-year-old tabby.

Mr. Willis spent an awful lot of time in the shelter…

But his lucky day came last year when cat-lover Sandra came into the shelter and spotted the sad-looking feline.

And even though her landlord at the time wouldn’t allow pets, she managed to pull some strings and give the tabby a second chance in life.

But thanks to the baby steps that Sandra carefully took, he slowly started to warm up to his new home.

You can see that flicker of happiness in his eyes slowly reappearing!

He became more active and playful, as this adorable video shows!

And his big, round eyes now sparkle with happiness.

And the pair couldn’t be happier!

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