The Wieliczka salt mine in Poland is unbelievably beautiful with its underground lakes, chapels, and chandeliers.

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Poland is a place of many wonders...

The historical country is a hugely popular tourist hotspot, and it isn't hard to see why.

Take Warsaw, for example.

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This city is the home to many religious landmarks, including the Church of the Holy Cross - which is simply breathtaking to visit.

Or Krakow...

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Millions of tourists visit Krakow every year, with the majority taking time to travel to Auschwitz-Birkenau - a former concentration camp where millions of Jewish people died in the second world war. People from all around the world have visited this landmark to pay their respects and learn more about the holocaust.

Wrocław in western Poland is known for its stunning scenery...

This place is guaranteed to capture that perfect Instagram snap.

But the best thing about Poland?

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Is it's salt mine.

This salt mine, which is called the Wieliczka salt mine, is located in southern Poland...

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And it has been around for a very long time... 700 years, to be precise!

From Neolithic times, sodium chloride (table salt) was produced there from the upwelling brine.

The salt mine was excavated from the 13th century and it produced table salt continuously until 2007 as one of the world's oldest operating salt mines.

However, due to falling salt prices and mine flooding, commercial salt mining was discontinued in 1996.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is now an official Polish historic monument and it brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

It's now a part of the First UNESCO World Heritage List...

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And there are many special reasons for this.

The salt mine, which reaches -1072 ft at its deepest point, features many amazing aspects.

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Including underground lakes.

The mine's proximity to underground saltwater must be constantly managed...

And in 1993, the lowest levels of the mine — well below Lake Wessel — flooded completely.

The water suddenly gushed in at the lowest levels at 100 gallons a minute and they continued for around 8 months, completely filling the lowest levels 1,079 feet down.

Thankfully, the water is under control today...

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But this disaster is partly to blame for the discontinuing of salt mining many years ago.

Alongside this beautiful underground lake are the many chambers and chapels within the mine.

Aleksandra Sieradzka, who is from the marketing and communications department at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, spoke to Bored Panda and explained the significance of the mine.

There are approximately 2,000 chambers...

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All of which are carved out of salt. "The corridors and even the floor are made of salt," Aleksandra explained.

The 2 chapels of St. Kinga and St. Anthony that are both made entirely of salt...

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They include the altars and the statues of saints that were carved by the sculptor miners. "The chandeliers also contain crystal salt—the purest type of salt."

Salt may seem like a fragile and delicate material, but it has a hardness similar to that of gypsum.

"The processing of salt itself is not difficult; however, in order to professionally carve in salt, one needs to have a lot of experience with this material," explained Aleksandra. "Every block of salt is different—it differs not only in size or hardness but also in color, which can be used in an interesting way in the act of creation."

And just look at those chandeliers...

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Talk about beautiful!

The countless chandeliers in the mine contrast beautifully against the salt walls...

And views like these are what makes Wieliczka such a popular tourist spot.

Aleksandra confirmed that, if you’re lucky, you can pop into a party or two at the mine.

"That is true, there are a couple of chambers where you can have a party. One big ballroom (Warszawa Chamber) and a few smaller ones. The Mine is famous for its New Year’s concerts that take place during the first weekend of January." They also hold weddings... now just imagine that.

We can only imagine how enormous the entire mine is...

Because only 2 percent of it is available to tourists. Meanwhile, the salt mine corridors form an actual labyrinth that stretches up to a staggering 498 ft in length. There are 9 levels in total and the lowest one is located at 1072 ft below ground.

But believe it or not...

Wieliczka is only the fifth-biggest salt mine out there. Ontario is home to the biggest one in the world, which is located 1800 ft under Lake Huron

So if you're planning a trip to Poland...

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