Valentine's Day Tweets You'll Love Way More Than the Holiday Itself | 22 Words

Personally, I do not hate Valentine's Day. I 100 percent understand the criticisms of a holiday that was basically invented to sell things and make single people feel bad about themselves, and even though I am now in a partnership, I did not even hate Valentine's Day when I was single. This is because my love of chocolate outweighs whatever loneliness and sadness Valentine's Day would cause me.

And now that I am part of a couple that barely acknowledges the holiday (we maybe go out to dinner, although, ugh, what a hassle), I know that I like Valentine's Day for one reason and one reason only (the aforementioned chocolate). And I completely understand if you don't have the same unhealthy obsession with the sweet stuff. I get that Valentine's Day sucks for a lot of people. If you hate Valentine's Day, know that you are not alone. Far from it. All these people on Twitter hate it too. And I can sympathize, even though I'm blinded by my love for Whitman's samplers.

If you feel like you want to give Valentine's Day the finger, go right ahead.

Even people who don't necessarily hate the holiday themselves can understand exactly why you do. These tweets pretty much sum it up.


This is a totally valid viewpoint. Valentine's Day is the worst unless someone gives me a Valentine, especially one that includes chocolate. Then it's the best.

Sick both days

If you could just like, decided to remove yourself from the world for some specific days of the year that you don't want to deal with, that would be ideal.

Pity tips

This is truly a genius idea. She follows up and says she made $153 on a night she usually makes about $70. It totally worked.

Beer and wings

You don't have to give in to the traditional, commodified version of Valentine's Day to have a great one. In other words, skip roses, eat chicken wings.

Harry Potter plans

Bonus point if you actually live in a cupboard under the stairs. That would make your Valentine's Day extra sad.

Big oops

Oh my god, could you imagine? I mean, I feel bad for Lauren, but mostly I'm just so glad this never happened to me. Phew.

"Thanks, Brian"

Man, Brian is the worst! You are in high school! Stop pretending to be a hot shot and just like, treat people nicely.

Pizza's ready

Heck yes, this is the most sensual Valentine's Day post I have ever seen. And I am totally on board. Pizza is love, y'all.

Joke's on you

Aw man, this is a sad one. But on Valentine's Day, and every other day, you can drown your sorrows in chocolate, so that's not so bad.

Unhealthy couples

Being alone with your favorite rom-com and a pint of Ben and Jerry's is empirically better than the situation described in this tweet.

Milk date

Milk is the worst, always flaunting its dates and pressuring you to use it before it goes bad and stuff. Milk needs to calm down.

Every day is like Valentine's Day

See? Valentine's Day is really just the same as all the other days... Wait, no, that's sad. But wait! It's kind of not. I don't know anymore.

Edible arrangement

I would honestly be less offended if I received this on Valentine's Day than an actual Edible Arrangement, which is made of fruit. Fruit. On chocolate's holiday!

Crying faces

Well, this is about as clear as you can be about your feelings toward Valentine's Day. Emojis really add another level to our communication.

Valentine's Day pre- and post-kid

I have never even thought about how different Valentine's Day would be once you become a parent. Are kids really still doing cards for all their classmates? That's the worst, to be honest.

Silver lining

Hey, this is really true. Give yourself that. You could buy enough chocolate to last you six months and it still wouldn't be as much as people normally spend on Valentine's Day.


Heck yes, if Valentine's Day is about love, go off and love yourself this Valentine's Day! I'm so far into this you can't even see me anymore.

Happy Tuesday

Look, sometimes you just have to eat a family bag of Doritos. And sometimes, it happens on Valentine's Day. That is OK.

Cheap chocolate

If you're only looking forward to Valentine's Day for all the chocolate that goes on sale the next day, you are my people.

Sad stick man

You can hate everything Valentine's Day stands for and still be bummed that you don't have someone to celebrate it with. That's allowed.

By any means necessary

Um, I love this. Valentine's Day, whether you are celebrating with someone or not, should be about making yourself happy. So go out and do any means necessary.

Be careful

There is so much stigma around Valentine's Day that it can cause major issues if you are in a casual or non-commital situation. Don't let it get to you!

Real life or Instagram?

Valentine's Day does seem quite performative, but I do roll over with morning breath and whisper, "Happy Valentine's Day!" into my still-snoring fiancé's face, and he rolls back, half asleep and says, "Hmmphsvklhsphm," so love is real.

Call it what it is

You know, when you put it like that, suddenly Valentine's Day doesn't seem so romantic anymore.

Pancake Day

Oh no, this is so true. I truly cannot stop someone standing alone, flipping a pancake by themselves in dead silence. It hurts my heart.

Lake and bread

Ah ha! You can go feed some ducks or pigeons and oh no, this is still very sad. I get it now.

Moment of silence

The pressure goes up tenfold for people who are on first dates on or around Valentine's Day. You could just like, acknowledge that it's sort of weird and then go about being normal, though!

True love

Hold on, I can't stop laughing. Still not done laughing. You know what, just go on without me. I'll recover sooner or later.

It approaches

Look, Valentine's Day is coming, whether we want it to or not. You do you that day. Share this with someone who also hates Valentine's Day!