2 TikTokers Who Show How the Same Clothes Look On Different Body Types Say ‘It’s a Challenge’

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TikTokers who show how the same clothes on different body types have said that “it’s a challenge” to find inclusive brands.

Denise Mercedes Marte and Maria Castellanos have taken over TikTok to help redefine our views on style.

The 2 best friends have 2 very different body types and make videos showing their fans how different outfits look, with the sole purpose that size should not limit your style.

Speaking to Vogue, the pair told the outlet that the idea was born after sharing an Instagram post wearing matching bikinis.

“A lot of positivity came from that post,” Marte said, “About a year later, when I joined TikTok, I told her we should do the same idea of wearing the same thing—but this time into a video and do transitional looks.”
The pair boasts an impressive 3.7 million followers between them and regularly post striking content on their page.
“We think it’ll help people start wearing what they think they can’t wear, and start to step out of their comfort zone,” said Martre.
“We shouldn’t be confined to what society tells us is the correct thing to wear for specific sizes,” adds Castellanos.

However, they’ve run into some problems throughout their journey.

While brands like ASOS (a personal favorite of theirs) provides them with the pieces they need, they have found it difficult to find other inclusive brands to shop from.
“It’s actually quite hard to find pieces; Not a lot of brands are size-inclusive,” Castellanos says. “It takes us so much time finding something we like and something that everyone will be able to wear. We look for neutral colors for every skin tone, stretchy materials, and quality.”

It has raised some questions about how inclusive the fashion industry really is.

Even though the fashion industry has been involved in multiple past scandals that still haunt it today, especially when it comes to diversity with skin color and size, in more recent times, it has proved to be evolving to reflect society’s updated views on beauty.
However, there’s still a long way to go.

Marte and Castellanos are making a statement with their “Style not Size” posts in the hopes that it will make brands re-think their audience range.

And we are totally living for it!
Watch some of the pairs’ best videos below.