Sand Artist Creates Such Detailed Sculptured They Look Like the Real Thing | 22 Words

Being an artist doesn't necessarily limit you to one medium, in fact, there are hundreds of ways to create art, and that's what makes it so enjoyable.

One sand artist has gone viral after his creations look so life-like, people were convinced they were real.

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If you're an artist, everything is a medium.

And for Andoni Bastarrika, that's sand.

That's right, most of us are ecstatic just to build something that even resembles a castle.

His works are much more ambitious, usually revolving around the natural world.

From sharks to elephants, check out some of the best creatures the artist has made so far...

And while they might look real, Bastarrika has actually sculpted them from scratch...

These look too real to be made of sand.

I don't know how he made the horns, but the eyes are just as detailed!

He has some serious skills.

I can't even draw a horse let alone make one out of sand.

I want to take this one home with me.

look at the little ears!

People can't get enough of his art.

And he seems to take a lot of inspiration from the natural world.

This one might just be my favorite.

He even has the fur texture down to a T.

I would totally pet this if I saw it out...

Look at the rolls!

Sometimes Bastarrika likes to dabble in the mystical...

And we're all for it.

The scale of the designs are just as impressive as the detail.

I mean, imagine finding this on your morning stroll.

Nope, this is where I draw the line...

Real or fake, I'm going nowhere near that thing!

He has to be joking!

This man is a mystery.

He's a close up of Cthulu...

Still as spooky as ever.

I don't think anyone's going to be swimming after spotting that.

I wouldn't even dip my toe in.

He seems to have an affinity for dogs.

I mean you can't really blame him.

Imagine watching this get washed away.

I'd be heartbroken.

So cute!

Who needs the zoo?

I never thought sand could be cute...

Yet here we are.

How do they look so life like?

It's the small details that really pull it all together.

Is that a rock?

Or sand?

What did you do today?

Oh, just built an orangutan coming out the ground... how about you?

He's found a way of giving sand a personality.

And this one resonates with me right now.

Unsurprisingly, each design takes hours to create.

All we need is a witch and a wardrobe.

Giant's foot?

Or is he just really small?

This takes me back.

Is it just me or does this remind you of The Neverending Story? Don't worry, I'm crying too.

I just want to cuddle this little guy!

The elephant... to be clear.

Somehow, the ground looks like water.

The effect is amazing.

That's no mean feat... or should I say hand.

Even the nails have detail!

Casual seaside leopard.

I want one.

Now that's a strange flex.

Nice abs though.

It's not every day you see a giant face in the ground.

I would just assume I'd gone mad.


Literally me all of lockdown.

The cat's out of the bag...

I can't even build a sand castle.

It's a no from me.

Even Mowgli isn't messing with that one.

I feel like this artist gets me.

On an emotional level.

I like how he uses his art to get a message across.

via: Instagram

That we should all make an effort to not be so gross.

Lady lumps...

via: Instagram

I wonder where he got the hair from?

He tells a real story through some of his art.

Let's hope he continues to bring a bit of joy once it's safe to roam the beaches again. Keep scrolling to find out what this artist has been up to while she's been stuck in lockdown. This one's for all you Harry Potter fans...