'Sand Pools' Are the Latest Backyard Trend and We're Obsessed | 22 Words

Many of us will be missing out on our beach vacations this year due to the current pandemic. But, if you're desperate for a visit to the beach, the latest trend might just be perfect for you!

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When you've had a tough few months at work, it's always nice to know that you have something to look forward to...

A vacation.

That couple of weeks that we get to escape our daily worries and stresses.

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And, instead, just sit on the beach, enjoying the sun with a cocktail.

But, for many of us, that might not happen this year, due to the current pandemic.

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Especially, if we don't live near a beach.

A huge disappointment, that's for sure.

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Although, we could start planning next year's vacation and make it even bigger and better!

If you're someone who is quite impatient and can't wait until next year, then we could have a solution for you.

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And it's quite a good solution if we do say so ourselves.

The latest trend of 'sand pools' could be right up your street.

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In fact, it could be right in your backyard!

A Spanish company called Piscinas de Arena NaturSand is offering the chance to bring your vacation to your backyard.

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Well, as close as it can get, anyway.

Piscinas de Arena NaturSand is a company that specialise in 'sand pools'.

Which are basically pools that are customized to be as close to beaches as possible.

They're made from reinforced concrete with a coating of compacted sand.

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The sand layer is called NaturSand, which helps give the beach appearance.

Not only does it give the perfect beach appearance, but it means that it is anti-slip, when wet or dry.

So it's perfect for families with little children!

You know that horrible moment when you're on vacation trying to go into the sea, but the sand's too hot to walk on?

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Well, you won't have to worry about that now!

The sand layer has a low coefficient of thermal accumulation.

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Meaning it won't burn even when it's in the sun!

"Our patented sand finish for pools is grainy but solid" said a spokesperson for Piscinas de Arena NaturSand.

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When speaking to Bored Panda they also added: "It is not made out of loose sand, it’s completely attached to the concrete surface of the pools’ structure with binding agents."

The sand pools can be customized to suit individual's gardens.

And, if you already have a pool in your backyard, it can be transformed!

The best thing about it?

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You won't even have to wait long, because, weather permitting, the pools can be built in 30 days!

There is one catch, though.

These sand pools certainly don't come cheap.

For a typical 30 by 16 feet sand pool, it will cost around $27,000.

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Yes, you did read that right.

So, if you are wanting one, it might take a lot of saving up.

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The company is currently only operating in Spain and Portugal, but they have previously provided construction all over the world.

In fact, their portfolio is pretty impressive with over 800 projects in over 14 different countries.

How are we only just hearing about this?!

You can watch the incredible production process here...

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