Sandra Bullock Admits She Can’t Help Her Kids With Their Math Homework

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Sandra Bullock has opened up about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and it’s so relatable.

The comment came during a candid conversation about motherhood.

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She was interviewed on The Kelly Clarkson Show and it was honestly hysterical.

Bullock explained to Clarkson that her kids are learning “Singapore math.”

“It’s the new math in our house that I don’t understand,” Bullock said. “I don’t even try.”

Clarkson agreed, saying she suggests her kids “phone a friend.”

Bullock also spoke out about how she worries her kids are “learning stuff that I didn’t teach them and that they shouldn’t have known,” on their iPads.

People are loving these two moms actually speaking honestly!

“This whole interview is pure serotonin,” one commenter gushed.

“Haven’t seen Kelly laugh so much. This episode is hysterical and the chemistry between her and Sandra with her dry sense of humor is off the charts. Loved this,” another added.

Don’t worry Sandra, we can’t do elementary school math either!