Santa Monica Farmers Market Packed With Crowds Despite Stay At Home Order

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There will always be people who, despite repeated warnings, won’t follow the rules – and that’s no exception when it comes to the current lockdowns due to coronavirus.

And some Los Angeles residents still seem to be struggling with the notion that staying home is currently the single most important act you can do …

Several areas have been forced to go on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, including LA, which issued the “safer at home” order on March 19.

All public gatherings are banned and no travel is permitted unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But it seems not everyone has been listening.

And even though, at the time, many beaches in the area had been closed due to the pandemic, visitors still flocked anyway.

Outraged was ramped up when this guy decided to defined his actions.

You’ll probably know his face by now. The young man who was partying in Miami told CBS Evening News: “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying! I’ve been waiting a while… we’ve been waiting for Miami Spring Break… for about 2 months.”

A young woman expressed her annoyance at the virus ruining her Spring Break. “It’s really messing up with my Spring Break, what is there to do here other than go to the bars and the beach? And they’re closing all of it… I think they’re blowing it way out of proportion,” she (unbelievably) said.

And are clearly unable to distinguish what counts as an essential activity. Drinking and lounging on the beach, for example, isn’t essential travel.

As an incident this weekend has proven.

Despite the safer at home order already having been issued.

And when the officers turned up to break it up, several of the party-goers became irate.

The incident, which was caught on camera, was then declared as an “unlawful assembly.”

And slowly marching to force the crowd back.

At this point, officers were backed up with several squad cars and even a police helicopter overhead. But the crowd continued to get angrier.

Until police eventually physically pushed them along.

And were ready to open fire.

They stated via a loudspeaker that officers were prepared to use “less lethal munitions, which pose a serious risk of injury for those of you who remain.”

Officers also warned that those still gathered in the intersection would be arrested if they chose to stay.

Pictures of the Santa Monica farmer’s market have surfaced on Twitter – and they are not obeying the rules of social distancing.

On Wednesday morning, shoppers were looking way too close for comfort.

Not only is this behavior exasperating – it’s actually downright dangerous, too.

And the creative methods some selfish people are taking to potentially impact the spread of coronavirus don’t stop there. Scroll on for another infuriating story.