It's not been the finest of years, but it's certainly a good bit better than last year. COVID is still dominating headlines and hospitals, and with the spread of the delta variant, it seems just about everybody on the planet (or at least the handful of people I know on the planet) are testing positive for corona.

There hasn't been a more important time to sanitize your hands.


Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and cinemas are packed full of sanitization stations, but now there's a product on the market which is going to it easier than ever to protect your hands.

This is the UV Light Sanitizer Box.


Not only does this smart device charge your phone wirelessly, it also sanitizes and sterilizes your phone. Think about it... We carry our phones with us everywhere. Our hands are all over them at all hours of the day. We leave them on table tops, counter tops, we hand them to friends. Imagine the amount of germs our phones carry.

Not any more.


And the reviews are full of praise...

One happy buyer wrote on Amazon:

I have been using this UV Cell Phone Sterilizer for some days. I think it is such an interesting product and it has a great value. We hear everyday that our phones carry so many germs. That's the reason why I purchased this sanitizer - it comes with large capacity that can not only sterilize phones but also watch or daily accessories. And it also has an additional aromatherapy function. I am very pleased with my purchase.

You can find the UV Cell Phone Sterilizer on Amazon for $16.99.


One of my favorite, most practical gadgets yet! 💖📱 #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #amazon #founditonamazon #amazonfinds

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I'll certainly be buying one.