Sarah Huckabee Sanders Told Nancy Pelosi to ‘Smile More’ and Now the Internet Is on Fire

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Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last night was perhaps the most polarizing presidential speech before it even happened. While Democrats were urged not to boycott or disrupt the event, they definitely made sure to express the begrudging nature of their attendance.

Many women in the audience wore black in solidarity with the #MeToo movement. One of those women, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, also wore her emotions on her face, just like the rest of the Democrats at the State of the Union, and now she’s getting flak for not smiling while Donald Trump spewed extremist speech.

As were many Republicans. His dentures stayed in the whole time, he didn’t take any embarrassing sips of water, and he elicited so many rounds of applause, the most rounds of applause, the best rounds of applause.

While Trump delivered a speech full of lies and devoid of any real acknowledgment of how divided this nation is, the standing ovations from Republicans flowed in.

He played the speech to these vague moments of conviction and managed to draw Republicans’ attention away from the fact that he didn’t actually propose concrete policies for any of the issues on which he took so hard a stance.

Trump exploited families, particularly a black family who’d lost two daughters, to push his anti-immigration beliefs and his aggressive policy with regard to North Korea. He twisted the experiences of these real, grieving people to justify violence and discrimination toward so many others.

People took particular notice of Nancy Pelosi’s “not impressed” face while the affair marched on. Forgive the House Minority Leader if she didn’t look thrilled to be listening to the world’s worst president deny the true state of the union and perpetuate hate during his State of the Union.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo commented on the divided nature of the room during the State of the Union and said he’s never seen Nancy Pelosi’s face like that. “I’m going to be a little bit in disagreement with you,” Huckabee Sanders responded, “I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time. I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it.” The Internet, including me, was immediately like, “Girllllll, hold my earrings.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders perpetually looks like she smelled something so bad she’s about to cry. And you know why that is? It’s because she has. She’s had to smell and handle and deliver Donald Trump’s sh*t to America for months now. She of all people should understand why someone wouldn’t be able to muster a grin while the president is talking. Women — Sarah Huckabee Sanders included — should be able to smile or not smile whenever they want.

Not that it matters. She should be able to grimace her way through every single day if she wants to. But for the love of all that is sane, how do you fault a woman for not smiling while she’s being forced to sit in a room with a bunch of old white guys who want to legislate her right to her own body away and listen to a man who has sexually assaulted more than a dozen women? Come on.

Telling a woman to “smile more” has become the number one prime example of the casual misogyny that infects our daily lives. Any person who actually respects women and sees them as equal to men would never suggest that a woman smile more. It’s Being a Decent Human Being 101.

And it’s bad enough that men are constantly condescending women by telling them to smile, but for a woman to do that to another woman? That’s called internalized misogyny, babe, and you’ve got it.

Nancy Pelosi’s big crime may be that she wasn’t cheery enough for Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Donald Trump’s State of the Union. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ big crime, on the other hand, is normalizing a monster and spreading lies every single day. Hmm. There seems to be a discrepancy there.