Sarah Huckabee Sanders Trolls Reporter Who Accused Her of Lying About Baking Pies

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Turns out Sarah Huckabee Sanders, despite her best efforts to convince us otherwise, is a human being with a sense of humor, sort of. When she’s not calling Donald Trump’s accusers liars, refusing to denounce slavery on national TV, or not understanding basic math, she’s apparently really into baking pies. Pecan pies, specifically.

Or is she????????

The legitimacy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ supposedly homemade pecan pies is the subject of the latest White House Press Room scandal. They’re calling it #piegate and labeling it #fakepies, and it’s caused a ruckus all over Twitter.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is embroiled — or should we say embaked — in a scandal that shockingly has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Instead, it’s about pies. Pecan pies.

She claimed to have baked it for Thanksgiving. But look at it. It’s perfect. And it’s on a lily-white background. And it’s perfect. Thus began #piegate.

Ryan urged Sanders to post pictures of people eating it and photographic evidence that she actually cooked it. The manufactured controversy was all in good fun, unlike the numerous times Sanders has endangered the American people with her slander.

What do you think? Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ attempt to be likable and human working? Has she convinced you she’s not a horrible monster yet?

She tweeted at April Ryan, to whom she’d previously promised a homemade pecan pie. She even asked if Ryan would prefer it with or without bourbon, which we think is a ridiculous question. It’s 2017. Obviously, we need alcohol in any way we can get it. And folks, this is when #piegate really heated up (to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit)…

But, Ryan stipulated that she “won’t eat it!” That’s probably a wise move. Even if Sarah Huckabee Sanders provided a list of ingredients and purported to tell Ryan exactly what was it in, she could never be sure that Sanders was telling the truth. Because she lies all the time. About everything.

They were supposedly delivered to her bundled in festive red ribbons by Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff’s family farm in Georgia, then cozily nestled on a reclaimed wooden table. Sanders really wasn’t doing much to assuage rumors that her pie-baking habit is more of a search-for-pie-related-stock-photos habit.

Maybe we’re crazy, but we think there are a lot of steps between “unmixed bowl of eggs and sugar” and “perfectly sculpted pies in the oven on their way to Delicious Town.” Steps that are missing. Undocumented. And we all know how much members of the Trump administration hate undocumented things… But seriously, where did those picture-perfect pie crusts come from? We smell a rat.

So maybe she baked them. But we’re still skeptical. This is a real Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf situation. She’s lied to us so many times that we can’t tell when she’s telling the truth.

It’s so true! Either Sanders’ home looks like a Williams-Sonoma or she is straight up lying about baking pies. We wouldn’t put it past her. After all, she’s a deceitful hatemonger. Happy Holidays!