After Sasha Obama was spotted in a TikTok dance video with several of her college friends, the teenager was quickly flooded with criticism and abuse.

However, experts have had their say on her potential TikTok career, and it's looking promising...

Now, along with her sister, Sasha Obama was instantly plunged into the spotlight when her dad was elected as POTUS back in 2008.

The girls, who were 7-years-old and 10-years-old when they moved into the White House, had their regular lives swapped for ones in the public eye.

It was clearly a huge adjustment for the Obama family...

But over the years, the world took joy in watching Obama's daughters grow from young girls into beautiful, intelligent, and independent women.

And, fast-forwarding to today...

Malia, who is now twenty-two, and Sasha, who is nineteen, are both studying at college and living their own lives.

The young women no longer spend much time in the public eye, however...

And it's clear that they simply want to focus on their studies and live relatively normal lives.

But it seems that Sasha is focused on something else entirely...

And that's simply having fun.

Despite the lockdown, Sasha has been spending a lot of time with her college friends...

And this is what has landed the young woman in a lot of trouble online recently.

Sasha made an appearance on a TikTok video this week uploaded by user "Pixiestick222."

The video shows Sasha and around 7 of her friends dancing and singing along to Popp Hunna’s 2020 track "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)."

Of course, it's more than likely that Sasha is simply within her social bubble in her college dorm...

Which is harmless enough, right?


Sacha and her friends weren't abiding by social distancing rules, and neither were they wearing face masks, which has triggered a lot of people online.

However, lots of people have jumped to Sasha's defense...

Claiming that she's simply having fun with her friends, who are all clearly in the same social bubble as she is.

You can watch the video on Twitter here:

Following the backlash, the TikTok video was swiftly removed. And, even though Sasha wasn't actually doing anything wrong, we're sure she won't be making an appearance on social media again any time soon.

Though, according to the CEOs of 2 of the leading influencer-marketing agencies, she could be missing out on a lot.


In fact, millions.

They believe that Sasha could build a following of between 1 and 2 million on TikTok in her first week.

Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation told TMZ: "Sasha would be an overnight success story if she joined the popular social platform... And could reach ten million followers in a year easily if she posted content consistently."

He also added that "he could see her making $5-8 million per year if she signed on with his agency."

Though his company has not yet tried to recruit her, Gagliese claimed that they would be stupid not to.

She presents herself as classy and "brand-friendly", traits that would both help lead to better business deals.

Mae Karwowski of Obviously also spoke to TMZ and agreed that with the right brand deals Sasha could make millions in her first year.

Mae explained, "Sasha has a cool, mysterious cache because she's kept such a low profile."

As a result, she thinks there's a lot of pent-up interest in her that would result in high demand.

Joining TikTok is likely to send Sasha straight into the limelight, gaining attention that she may not be ready for.

So, it's a tough decision to make. For more on the Obamas, read on...