In the latest story in the world of animal news, a sausage dog and a seal have struck up an unlikely friendship, and it is the most wholesome thing you will ever see. I promise.

To see the adorable friendship, and a selection of other unlikely animal relationships, keep scrolling...

Animals truly make the world go round.

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There's nothing on this earth that's much purer than the love of our animals.

Well, apart from the love animals hold for each other.

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Sometimes, different species of animals will strike up the most unlikely of friendships, and we are here for it all. 

Animal friendships are so pure.

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So, to kick things off in a suitable fashion, keep scrolling to see a selection of the cutest, and most unlikely animal friendships...

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox.

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The pair met in a Norwegian forest.

And now they've become best friends!

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While on a walk, Tinni and his owner, Torgeir Berge, were on a walk together in the forest when they met a wild fox.

The pair instantly hit it off...

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And now every time they visit the forest, the pair meet up to play around with each other despite all their differences.

Isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever heard?

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The experience has changed Berge’s mind about Norway’s fox-fur trade. He now wants to help work to ban the hunting of foxes. We love it!

Anjana the chimpanzee and tiger cubs.

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Now this has to be the most adorable thing you've ever seen, right?

This chimp proves that motherly instinct is universal.

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Look at her smile!

A chimp, dog and an elephant.

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Probably the oddest combination yet. But these three have a really strong bond, according to their owner.

I mean, the chimp and the dog tend to hang out most often.

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This is Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the blue tick hound and Bland always captures their moments together.

And it makes for the most wholesome content.

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I am a huge fan of these two.

Friends that climb together, stay together.

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Look at his arm draped around the dog! Can you possibly love this more?

Champy the horse and Morris the cat.

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According to their owner, this pair has been best friends for the past 6 years.

And their loving bond makes for some good photo opportunities.

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That rainbow really pulls everything together.

They even have cute outfits!

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This photograph was titled: "You look this way and I'll look the other." They always have a watchful eye over the farm.

Dog and horse.

Keeping with the subject of horses, now we have a budding friendship between a horse and a dog. And as you can see, they're really fond of each other.

Dog and Hamster.

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This combination provides a healthy dose of cuteness.

Goat and otter.

Imagine capturing such a beautiful moment? Wow.

Cat and dog.

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Now, these old age frenemies have decided to call it quits and become besties instead. Cute or cute?

Chicken and chihuahua.

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This unlikely combination found a love for each other while they were at Duluth Animal Hospital.

Penny, the chicken was rescued from a laboratory, while Roo was found on the roadside.

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“She was an experimental chicken in the program and she had run the course of the experiment, so that was it for her," Williams told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “I asked if I could have her instead of them doing anything with her. I brought her home."

And since then, they haven't stopped spending time with each other.

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Did you ever think you'd see a two-legged dog and an overly fluffy chicken taking a walk in the snow? It's one of life's simplest pleasures.

And, it's the one we've all been waiting for...

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Stanley the sausage dog and Aayla the seal. This incredibly wholesome encounter happened at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England.

Stanley and Aayla instantly hit it off.

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Aayla is one of the sanctuary's friendliest rescue seals, and she frequently makes friends with the four-legged visitors. While visiting with his owner, Stanley struck up the unlikely friendship, and the pair spent around twenty-minutes checking each other out and posing for photographs.

And Stanley isn't Aayla's first canine friend.

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It turns out this seal is quite the socialite, and regularly makes friends with the dogs who pass through the sanctuary with their owners.

Here she is, saying hello to another pooch...

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If only all of us were as sociable as Aayla.

This sea dog simply loves the land dogs...

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I'd adopt Aayla any day!

But Aayla isn't the sanctuary's only sociable resident...

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The penguins love to greet the canines too!

As do the sea lions...

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Who'd have thought it? Pugs and sea lions make the best combination! Be right back, just moving to Cornwall...