Savannah Guthrie has been widely praised for her "skillful" handling of her heated interview with President Trump last week...

Because, as you will all be aware, things got slightly heated.

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The Today Show co-host was selected as the moderator for NBC's last-minute Town Hall event with President Trump last week and it's fair to say... She handled the whole thing with complete gusto.

There were many memorable moments from the evening...

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Guthrie pressed the president on a whole array of issues such as his stance on face masks amid the pandemic, his tax records, and his habit of retweeting rightwing conspiracy theories.

It made for some interesting viewing...

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And, as the president attempted to maneuver around Guthrie's questions, many people couldn't help but see Guthrie in a whole new light.

This woman is a legend.

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Yep, her expert handling of President Trump has landed Guthrie a whole new fan-base, with many labeling her performance as Trump's "toughest grilling in years."

People have been taking to Twitter to praise her efforts...

Let's take a look at her finest moment, shall we?

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The president was firm in "denouncing white supremacy" when asked about it, but it was clear it struck a nerve as he began viciously interrupting Guthrie when she was questioning him on these sensitive topics.

We all know that Trump came under fire in the last debate after he failed to denounce white supremacists and the Proud Boys...

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So of course it was bound to be brought up tonight... and immediately, Trump was on the defense.

Predictably, Trump tried to turn the whole thing around on Guthrie.

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“I denounced white supremacy for years," Trump claimed, before complaining that Guthrie and other people in the media keep bringing up the topic.

But when Guthrie went on to push Trump on his retweets of conspiracy theories this week...

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He seemed to snap and he sarcastically remarked to her, "So cute."

People were not happy with this condescending and degrading comment made by the President...

And so soon into the event.

Well, Guthrie wasn't having any of it...

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And she came back with a response that was nothing short of iconic.

Guthrie smoothly said:

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"You're the president. You're not someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever." *Mic drop*

Bravo, Savannah Guthrie!

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