Fans of Dustin Diamond are seriously worried after reports claim that he's been rushed to the hospital.

Here's what we know...

Born in 1977, Dustin Diamond is a comedian, director, and actor.


And there's one role he's undeniably best known for...

Saved by the Bell first hit screens in 1989.

The teen comedy, which celebrated its thirtieth birthday last month, was set in the fictional Californian Bayside High and saw us introduced to Zack Morris and his high-schooler group that included A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano, Kelly Kapowski, “Screech" Powers, and Lisa Turtle.

The show was a huge hit...

And chronicled the friends as they navigated all things life-related, from relationships and finals to school dances and breakups, all while, more often than not, managing to ruffle the feathers their principal, Mr. Richard Belding, who does his best to keep the gang in check.

It definitely had one of the catchiest theme tunes...

As well as making for great viewing, there's no denying how good that theme tune was.

But, after 4 seasons, we waved the friends goodbye.

The show wrapped up in 1993, although it came to a complete end with Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, a 2-hour movie where it finally happens...Kelly and Zack get hitched.

Unsurprisingly, the show made a return to screens in 2 spinoffs.

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Any show with such profound success is bound to rinsed for all it's worth and Saved by the Bell was no exception to this. The first spinoff named Saved By the Bell: The College Years lasted for just 1 season from 1993 to 1994, and then a second, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which ran from 1993 to 2000.

There were many beloved characters on the show.

But the fan favorite was undeniably Screech.

The goofy sidekick was totally hilarious.


And was played to perfection by actor, Dustin Diamond.

But today, fans of Diamond have received some worrying news...


And, as a result, they have been left feeling majorly concerned.

Diamond was reportedly rushed to a hospital in Florida over the weekend.


TMZ claims he'd been suffering with unspecified pain all over his body.

We hope he starts to feel better soon!


Make sure to stay posted for further updates.