Scammer ‘Sells’ Disabled Woman PS5 For $450 But Never Sends It So She Messes Up His Life

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One man’s cunning plan to scam a disabled woman with a PS5 sale completely backfired after she figured it out, and what happened next has left everyone shocked…

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People all around the country were excited by the release of the new PS5…

For some of us, it was the only thing getting us through the year.

Although one woman’s dreams got shattered after being scammed buying a PS5 online …

She managed to get her own back – in the best possible way.

Fast-forward twenty-six-years, the PlayStation has since had 8 different generations including many other pieces of hardware and add-ons.

And this was also when the PlayStation App was introduced, allowing users to use their smartphones and tablets as a second screen to enhance gameplay.

The technology now used is truly amazing

And Sony is now one of the leading technology companies in the world.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new generation PlayStation.

In April last year, it was announced by video game designer, Mark Cerny, that the PlayStation 5 would be coming in 2020.
And, to be realistic, the release has been the only good thing to happen in the year.

Amid the build-up for the new console…

It didn’t take long for some secretive details to be leaked online.

From what the leaks suggested, things sounded pretty interesting…

It supports 4K gaming, as well as being compatible with all old PS4 games, which is a lifesaver.

And it’s felt like a lifetime ever since.

And one woman who was scammed when trying to buy one has gone viral this week.
So, buckle up and check out the thread below…

What a crazy story.

We bet this scammer is feeling pretty silly …