These Are Without Question the Scariest Places on Earth

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If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, you know to avoid cabins in the woods, abandoned orphanages, and suburban neighborhoods with dark secrets. (How many headaches could the people of Elm Street have saved themselves if they’d just left the burning of the perverted school janitor to the police?)

But what about the places that are scary in real life? We’re talking dark caves, hazardous terrain, and long-forgotten sites of natural disasters. If you’re curious about the locales that will at best give you the heebie-jeebies and at worst straight-up kill you, the internet is, once again, here to provide the answers.

In an AskReddit thread, those with knowledge of the scariest places that actually exist made their arguments for the places they never, ever want to go. You won’t find any haunted houses or neighborhoods with dream-killers here — these places are all real, and they’re all terrifying. (That said, there are real-life abandoned orphanages, but they’re more sad than scary.)

F*cking Snake Island. Something crazy like two snakes per square metre lolhazyyy5

This is more eerie than scary, but towns that have been flooded to make a reservoir. The idea that there are people’s belongings and houses down there, at the bottom of the lake, preserved in the cold water.silveralgea They did that to make Lake Lanier in Georgia. There is an entire town and cemetery under that lake’s surface. Many people die in it every year and the rumor/urban legend is that it’s haunted since a lot of people die under suspicious circumstances. It’s also a major source of drinking water for the Atlanta metro area.MasterChief813

After watching the movie The Lighthouse I would be terrified of spending one day there. Just the idea of being in a small rock in the middle of nowhere with no communication and just one small accident from death terrifies me.GustavoAlex7789

Poveglia island. Throughout its history it was used as quarantine zone during the plague outbreaks. There are multiple mass graves on site. Supposedly it was just a dying ground for the afflicted, where at some places the very soil was purely composed of rotting plague corpses. And the fun doesn’t end there. In 1922, someone decided to build a mental asylum right on top of that. Countless cases of observed hauntings by the patients, but nobody believed them, since they were supposedly crazy. The headmaster of the institute then later on committed suicide by climbing the bell tower and jumping down.Mattiee

Top of Mount Everest. As you stand there, you are actually dying (as in, your body is actually shutting down and you will die just by being at >8000 meters if you stay too long).80s_Teen

Personally, the un-contacted tribes that remain on earth scare the sh*t out of me (while being fascinating at the same time). The Sentinelese hate all outsiders and will try to kill anyone within range, yet it’s likely they have never discovered fire. Many others exist in South American jungles and have only been spotted by helicopter/occasional aerial sightings. I’ve always found that unknown aspect very creepy.aCertainBlueLobster

If even one waves, I’m out.

If you’re afraid of dolls/mannequins, the silent people (hiljainen kansa)-field in Finland Its a field of mannequins facing the main road… and somebody goes and changes their clothes once in a while Its really creepy in spring when the nights are still dark.snowyanonn

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Catacombs of Paris1980henchman I remember the article about some kids trespassing to explore those catacombs, and they found the body of a girl that had gone missing years earlier. Apparently another group of kids had gone down there, and in all the fun missed that they were sans one. Apparently, she had blundered around, in the dark and silence, before falling down and just dying there.Whackjob-KSP

Twisted trees even?!

Hoia Baciu forest in Romania is considered to be a haunted forest. Some people went missing in that forest (the shepherd who went missing with a flock of 200 sheep). Visitors of this forest also report strange feelings of nausea, anxiety and being watched.Dodecahedron7 Isn’t that the one with the with circular clearing in the middle and all the trees being twisted to point towards it?SlurpingPlatypus There is one clearing that just doesn’t grow trees. Soil tested fine, but it’s a weird collection of stories of lights, feelings, magnetic field is weird. And yes, the trees grow oddly bent.6anitray3

There’s a coal mining town in PA called Centralia. It’s unknown how exactly it happened but the mine caught fire in 1962 and the underground of the town has been on fire to this day. Basically a ghost town with a population of like 5 people.rummhamm87

Mariana Trench. They sent a probe down there, something grabbed it, they got it back but not after hours of wrestling it and it ruining the probe. Anyway they don’t know what it was but it left behind giant scratch marks thought to be teeth marks, so it’s refreshing to know we have something that big down there.OGchillidig

The North Korean ghost town on the border to South Korea. It used to try and entice South Koreans to defect to the North.clmrsmn

The scariest places are the nearby slums, crack-house and heroin-infested areas. Nearly every major city has one or more. Latin America may have the worst ones but it’s hard to tell. If you go there and don’t know your way around, you are going to get robbed or worse. And if you don’t do your research first, it’s easy to find yourself in these areas without knowing. All the physical places are known and easy enough to avoid. At least Snake Island doesn’t move.too_generic

I’m nominating the molten core of the planet. Temperatures hot enough to turn liquid metal into gas, but pressures too high to allow even that so it remains liquid.sirgog

Black Mountain in Australia. Stories have persisted for years of people disappearing into the interior of the mountain … and never coming out. Even the Aborigines shun it.Frebdignabliaq

In Hawaii, there’s a sinkhole whose name escapes me. Nobody knows exactly how or why but sometimes, people who swim there are fine one moment before showing signs of panic and are subsequently pulled into the depths. No visible disturbances in the water are present in these cases and many times, people are fine. The locals believe a legendary water monster lives there and have therefore banned any and all swimming in this area. Most likely, it’s a tidal whirlpool but if this is the case, there would be visible water disturbance on or near the surface and the disappearances in a smaller area of the lake. However, this is not the case.TerminalVR

The blue burrito. In prison, if you go on a hunger strike or if you are a suicide risk, they will wrap you up in this blue binding with your hands to your sides. Only your head poking out the top. And throw you in that tiny padded broom closet room. And leave you wrapped up like this 24 hours a day, for as long as they want. They’ll help you eat, and go to the bathroom, but otherwise, you will be completely immobilized. That sounds worse than death.bodhasattva

One time my grandma told me about one of her cousins who explored a lot. Somewhere in the South there was a sinkhole that opened near a hill/tall mound of dirt. He went inside using a pulley thing and found that it was a cave that had collapsed. He explored for a while until he saw something in the water. He screamed and got out of there as fast as he could. When his friends pulled him out, he was shaking and crying. They asked him what was wrong but all he kept saying was something about there being no God. The state eventually filled the sinkhole, which usually doesn’t happen, especially in the middle of nowhere. Every time someone asked him what he saw, he would say he couldn’t explain.MudaSnake

Ha ha.

Annapurna. A mountain in Nepal where nearly 30 percent of climbers die.thethird69 It’s ironic because Annapurna is the deity representing satiating food.kittuboy

Why do we even have a government if they don’t shut down places like “Skinwalker Ranch“?!

Skinwalker ranch and area in Utah. Strange livestock mutilations and whatnot.fidink – Livestock mutilation – UFOs – Cryptids – orbs – Poltergeist activity – “Tunnels” to other worlds or dimensions Skinwalker Ranch has a little bit of everything.ZOOTV83

The Hot Tub of Despair. Scientists have discovered a ‘lake’ in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone, who enters this pool at the bottom of the sea will suffer horribly. The water in the ‘lake within the sea’ is about five times as salty as the water surrounding it. It also contains highly toxic concentrations of methane and hydrogen sulfide and can thus not mix with the surrounding sea. For animals (and people) who swim into it, these toxic concentrations can be deadly. Only bacterial life, tube worms, and shrimp can survive those circumstances.Guy_1nc0gn170

The Overtoun Bridge. The bridge looks completely harmless. No issues other than simply walking across it. It is believed that over 300 dogs since 1950 made a leap of faith (a 50-foot plunge) off of the bridge for no apparent reason.Chitownsly

I recently got a new job in an abandoned tobacco plant as a security guard. It’s pretty spooky.flyingOR3Ofish

I’ve been saying this for years! Ghost ships are the worst kinds of ships!

Shipwrecks in general. I once scuba-dived next to one and the thought that hundreds of people had drowned there plus the open sea, the current, and the fact that we could only see three meters ahead of us was terrifying. Would recommend nonetheless.SSTwistyNips

The anechoic room at Orfield Laboratories. It’s the quietest room on Earth, measured in negative decibels. It may start out all right, but eventually your brain will think it’s too quiet are start hallucinating sounds in a manner of sorts. Actually it may not be as scary, but you can go crazy in half an hour or even a few seconds.percycatson

How often do people just find tombs, do you think?

The Hellfire club is a place in Firhouse, Dublin. It’s a big abandoned lodge at the top of a mountain and it’s extremely eerie. It might not seem strange but by god, when you’re actually in it the atmosphere is really creepy. To make it worse, they recently discovered a buried tomb.MrEpicGamerMan

An elderly people’s wing at a hospital. As someone in high school, realizing how much pain and suffering and issues come with growing old scares the absolute sh*t out of me and puts me into a small panic mode.Rallcrimmy

The suicide forest in Japan is pretty creepy. It’s super calm and breathtaking which is why a lot of people go there to end their lives. They recover something like 100 to 200 bodies a year. Definitely intriguing but it makes my hair stand up.ForWhenImWeird

The “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland, I probably sound like I’m joking, but people have been crushed behind the turning stage when the walls come together, so it genuinely terrifies me.Lucidpotato666

My basement. I just found a nest of brown recluse.saucyang Did this give you chills? If so, stay tuned for a man’s crazy story about staying in a haunted cabin. You won’t be going to the woods anytime soon…