While we like to pretend that we have everything under control, the reality of it is that things don't always go our way. Seldom we are the ones to blame for these incidents, while other times someone else is at fault.

Occasionally, we will find photographic evidence of these less-than-fortunate moments in our lives, which is never fun. And, what's even worse, is that some of those pictures get shared on the Internet or collected into a gallery, just like this one.

Below we recount some unfortunate times in which people failed at living life. But don't worry, these stories are pretty comical. It is important to laugh along with life's little tragedies, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

These unfortunate moments are cringe-worthy.

But they are also hilarious! No matter how carefully we plan our lives, we have to accept that things can always go wrong. So why not laugh about them, instead?

Underwater Selfie

This photo is horrifying! This looks like one of Pennywise's disguises from the movie, It.

Denture Dog

I have seen a few pictures of dogs who have gotten ahold of their owner's dentures, and they are always funny. Look at that face!

Egg and Cheese Bagel

As a New Yorker and a bagel lover, this is one of the most disturbing photos I have ever seen. Where is this bagel shop located? I will go there and teach them a lesson.

The Single One

This is what happens when you are the only one in the family who is not in a relationship. It's a good thing her name started with an "E" so she fit with the theme!

Professional Concerns

Oh boy. When parents name their kids, they should take into consideration what their initials spell out, and what possible nicknames they could have. They should've seen this coming.

Panoramic Picture

I just laughed out loud, that's how hilarious this photo is. Why did he use the "panoramic" setting?

I Heart Corgi Butts

Oh no! I'm sorry if you came to this website today not expecting to see a naked corgi butt. I take full responsibility for showing this to you.

Swallow Whore

I am trying to figure out how this mistake ended up on this bottle of medication. Who is responsible?

Makeup Stamp

This is hilarious. The imprint looks like a grumpy character from a children's book.

Professor "What's His Nuts"

This professor's tweet about an essay mishap went viral. It shows how the student came forward to shared her side of the story, about embarrassingly forgetting his name. Proofread your papers, people!

Messy Roommate

I would not want to be this messy person's roommate. I would say that the 90,000+ retweets and 80,000+ likes prove the point that this girl is not over exaggerating.

Grooming job

What kind of groomer would shave a dog's evidence, but not his head? I can't help but laugh, even though I feel bad for him.

Too Much Money

PSA, to all Venmo users: double check your transactions! You don't want to misplace a decimal.

Spray Tan Tears

Yup. This is why people tell you not to cry after getting a spray tan. Try not to watch any sad movies or cut onions for at least 24 hours.

Face Mask Sample

I hope they also sell full-sized masks. This mask looks like it would fit a Cabbage Patch doll.

Candid Pictures

I would say that the picture on the right is creepy, not candid. Why are men so bad at taking candid photos?

Uh oh!

What a review. The people who frequent the Misfits Sports Bar and Grill say that "The wings are mediocre and your husband will cheat on your with the waitress."

So Dramatic

The weather does seem a lot more dangerous, until the two guys walk past in the background, wearing shorts.

Awesome Email Address

Ah, the email displays her name, read backward. I hope they changed it.

Offensive Language

It's hard enough being made fun of for the pronunciation of your last name. I can't imagine what it feels like to have the computer system think it's offensive.

Penetrating Gaze

Confusing homophones can make for a hilarious conversation between a father and daughter.

Budget Full House

These people look like the Full House cast at first glance, but that is not the case. I wonder if this was a group Halloween costume?


This guy was trying to tell his mom that he had a sty on his eye, only he spelled it "sti," so she thought he had a sexually transmitted disease.

Giveaway Prize

This is a quote from Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. I can see how this prize would confuse someone who has never seen the film.

Check The Number

This isn't the best response to send to your boss. Next time you get a text like this from an unknown number, maybe as who it is first.

Naughty Tomato

I was excited to see tomatoes growing in the garden, but I didn't realize the tomato would be excited to see me.

My Boo

This was the perfect opportunity to make a Halloween-themed pun. The word "girlfriend" has so many more letters. That's a lot of carving!

Big News

Oh my goodness, this is so sad, and kind of funny. I wonder if she completed her art project that day.

Gremlin Dog

This is why you shouldn't take panorama pictures of people or animals. Share this with someone who could use a laugh!