‘Schitt’s Creek’ Christmas Ornaments Are Here and They’re Perfect

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The internet – it’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?

Since the birth of the world wide web, shopping has become a joyous task that can be carried out from the comfort of your own bed. You can buy pretty much anything online these days – whether it be the essentials, the weird, the whacky, and the down-right wonderful.

But now, you can buy something on a whole new level… Schitt’s Creek Christmas ornaments. Yep, the festive season is approaching and you can nab yourself some hilarious, custom-made Creek ornaments to spruce up your home.

But first? Let’s take a look at some other marvelous essentials you need in and around your home this winter…

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

I’d NEVER lose a pair of keys again with this Bluetooth Tracker.

There’s nothing worse than that terrible heart-sinking feeling that you get when you don’t feel your phone (or keys) in your pocket. If you’re a chronic phone misplace-er, like me, the Tile is a serious lifesaver. Simply attach it to your keychain or phone and connect to the app. You can see where your essential thing is in real-time, and the Tile can make noises to help your search.

This Shea Sugar Scrub is a fan favorite.

My grooming routine is super simple, and I’ve been looking for something natural and hydrating to spruce it up. When I saw this exfoliating scrub, I automatically added it to my wishlist. Shea is super moisturizing, and I’ve heard excellent things about the Tree Hut brand. Over 9,000 positive reviews (!) can’t be wrong.

Who doesn’t need a S’Mores Maker?

This small s’ mores maker is portable and oh-so-cute. Plus, it’s bonfire-free, so totally appropriate for my little apartment.

This Zoku Smoothie, Slushy, and Milkshake maker will satisfy any sweet tooth in minutes.

This small and powerful Zoku can do it all. Smoothies, slushies, milkshakes— all my favorite sweet cravings can be ready in just a few squeezes.

This DIY Slime Kit whips up bespoke ASMR magic.

Have you heard of slime? The squishy sensation is taking Instagram by storm and hypnotizing pre-teens everywhere. Eleven-year-olds are obsessed with slime. And, honestly, I’m here for it. I ordered slime and love how I can squeeze and pop my stress away.

A Dishwashing/ Sponge Combo is all I need.

I’m dying to cut down on the time it takes me to do my dishes. This time-saving dishwashing gloves/ sponges combo are so absolutely genius that I wish I thought of them first. With these dishwashing gloves with silicone scrubs, I can ditch stinky sponges and clean dishes easily with just my two hands!

A Scalp Massager to transform showers into spas.

Honestly, having a scalp massage is one of the most luxurious feelings in the world. Why wait until I go to the spa or make my boyfriend give me a mediocre massage? This little scalp massager will bring the spa to my shower. Plus, I can get my expensive shampoo deep in my roots and really scrub all that oil out.

I wish I knew about this Red Wine Stain Remover before I demolished my shag rug.

What pairs better with Marlot than my white shag rug? According to my boyfriend, they’re a perfect match. I’ll let bygones be bygones, but I’ll always be a little bitter that I didn’t know about this amazing Amazon product and ending up tossing my rug (RIP).

With Poo-Pourri It’ll be like you were never in the bathroom at all.

Okay, hear me out – No one likes to talk about bathroom habits, but I think everyone wants a fresh-smelling bathroom. Just spray a bit on Poo-Pourri in your toilet bowl before doing your business, and neutralize any stinky smells.

Your desk needs this Phone Stand and Pencil Holder

I’m always on the hunt for desk decor that will brighten my day (bonus points for functionality), and this pencil holder with a phone stand takes the cake. I love the fun design, and that there’s a place for my phone so I’ve got easy access. Not because I procrastinate at work or anything. Just in case someone texts me something important, okay?

How festive is this Olaf Waffle Maker?

My nieces are obsessed with Frozen, and I’d bet all my money that this waffle maker is the best way to their little hearts. What pairs better with our six-thousandth viewing of Frozen than a golden-brown waffle in the shape of Olaf? Okay, and I would use this for date-nights and late-nights, too. Tasty and cute? Yes, please.

This Neon Sign is an instant bedroom upgrade.

I’m a huge, huge fan of the neon sign trend, so I just had to add this to my wishlist. The moon and stars design is so cute, and it looks like it gives off the dreamiest blue glow. Just the pizzaz my bedroom needs (and at an affordable price, too!).

No screen door? No problem. This Magnetic Screen Door will keep the bugs out.

My apartment doesn’t have screen doors, so every time I go to hang out on my balcony, I risk letting bugs invade my living room. My parents love this magnetic screen door that makes sure that the outside stays outside and they don’t have to mess with door handles while carrying drinks and food. It’s easy to attach and perfect for backyard BBQs and stargazing sessions.

Finally! A comfy Lap Desk with enough space for my phone.

I spend a lot of time on the computer, and my back and neck are getting super sore from my desk chair. I’d love to spread out on the couch, and this comfy lap desk would be perfect. There’s enough space to hold my phone and my calendar, too. With lots of different colors, it’s easy to find your favorite.

A diner-style Hot Dog Steamer for my backyard BBQs.

Summertime is my favorite season, and nothing screams summer like a plate of hot dogs and a tall glass lemonade. With this diner-style steamer, I can ditch big pots of water, and sit back and relax. It has that retro-glam look that I love and enough room for both hot dogs and buns. Perfect for veggie sausages for me and breakfast sausages for my fam.

This Grilled Cheese Maker will transport me to gooey/crunchy heaven.

Grilled cheese is my ultimate comfort food, and I’m ready to take my commitment to the next level with a grilled cheese toaster. No more scrubbing pots and pans, and I can whip up a gooey/crunchy grilled cheese whenever I feel like it. The dream. With an adjustable toasting dial, I can make mine perfect golden-brown and get my boyfriend’s super crispy.

Glow In The Dark Beach Balls to make my future pool Vegas-level amazing.

My parents have some of these glow in the dark beach balls floating around in their pool, and I can confirm that they are the coolest thing. They’re super fun and colorful and light up the night without being obnoxious. With sixteen colors, there’s a shade for every personality and occasion. I’ve got to get my hands on some of them for my next beach day or house party.

These Fridge Mats eliminate all stains.

My poor fridge has been through a lot, and I have, too. Somehow my jars and cartons are always leaking and oozing, leaving me with a messy fridge and another household chore. These fridge mats are a total game-changer. No more stinky stains in my fridge, no more scrubbing hopelessly at maple syrup rings! I’ll just scrub down one of these colorful fridge liners and call it a day.

This Electric Egg Cooker to get perfect eggs every single time.

For me, eggs are practically a whole food group. Cheap and versatile, I could have them for every meal and never get bored. This handy device would get my eggs right every single time (because nothing messes up my breakfast more than an overdone poached egg) Deviled eggs? Check. Hard-boiled eggs? Easy.The elusive poached egg? Done to perfection.

I’m mad that I didn’t think of this Cleaning Gel.

Cleaning my keyboard is a struggle and a half, and I’m always annoyed by those little places my dishrags just can’t seem to get. This gel cleaner is sheer brilliance. It forms perfectly to the most uneven surfaces, and manages to grab dust from all those hard-to-reach places with ease. Plus, I bet it makes a pretty good stress ball.

These Dry Food Dispensers to bring luxe back to my lowley kitchen.

I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my kitchen and add style and functionality. I think I’ve found true love with these dry food dispensers. They’re super sleek and, according to the reviews, work flawlessly. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy some brightly-colored cereal originally designed for kids. It’s for aesthetics!!

Taco Tuesday is always more fun with Dino Taco Holders.

I just love Taco Tuesday, and what better way to celebrate some early-week fun than serving up dinner on these adorable taco holders? They’re perfect for parties and fun date nights. My sister loves these fun dinos because her kids super get excited every time they get pulled out for dinner time. So do I, but she’s less excited about that.

This Desktop Vacuum Cleaner let’s me eat potato chips at my desk crumb free!

I’ve been on the hunt for a little vacuum cleaner that can pick up the crumbs I leave on my desk at work and get my car seats dog-hair-free before I offer my co-workers a ride. This desktop vacuum cleaner is perfect, and I love that its cordless. According to the reviews, it’s sturdy and small enough to fit into an office drawer.

These Cut Resistant Gloves allow me to practice my knife skills.

I’m a klutz in the kitchen and have nicked my fingers on knives more times than I can count. I’m listening to the radio, and suddenly my hand slips. Ouch. We’ve all been there (right?! someone tell me it’s not just me) Yeah, I should focus more, but these cut resistant gloves would give me the confidence I need to get fancy with my knife work. They’re pretty much mini-chain mail for your fingers, so I’ll be 100% protected.

Lukewarm tea is a thing of the past with this handy Cup Warmer.

I love starting my mornings with a steaming hot mug of something caffeinated, but sometimes I get busy and forget about my drink. Ugh. I always bite the bullet and sip on my lukewarm tea instead of making myself a new mug. This cup warmer would make sure my tea’s nice and toasty. I love the chic marble design, too.

I’ll never cut a vegetable again with this Heavy Duty Chopper.

This just in: chopping up veggies is boring. Okay, maybe some people find therapeutic joy in dicing and slicing, but I’m ready to eat! This heavy-duty chopper will cut up just about everything (veggies, nuts, herbs) with the incredible precision I lack. I’m so excited to get my hands on one of these bad-boys and slice the time I spend in the kitchen in half (did you see what I did there?)

Keep everything neat with Dip Clips.

I like my food neat and tidy, and these dip clips would make sure that my dipping sauce doesn’t take over my whole plate and turn everything into one soggy mess. There’s nothing worse than french fries turned mushy by oozing ketchup or salsa sliding off the edge of my plate, and these clip dips are such easy solutions. Sauce when you want it, and not when you don’t.

A Self-Groomer lets my cat be more independent.

Cats are super independent and can get most things done without us pesky humans, but without opposable thumbs, they can’t brush themselves. And, my cat just loves the feeling of being brushed. Doesn’t she deserve the best? These corner groomers fit easily into all the walls and could let my cat groom herself and relax whenever she wants—no human necessary.

This Mesh Car Organizer will finally declutter my car.

I’ll just say it: my car is a total mess. I could focus on bringing just the essentials when I head out…Or I could invest in this fantastic mesh organizer that fits snuggly between the two from seats. There’s plenty of room for my iPad, keys, and those three old water bottles that I don’t feel like dealing with! Plus, it’ll keep my dog from jumping into my lap from the backseat, and my purse from slipping and sliding around.

Car Hooks to avoid messy grocery mishaps.

After picking up my essentials at the grocery store, I toss all my bags into the backseat and pray nothing breaks. I’m playing with fire—I know. I leave my backseat vulnerable to spillage and stains. This simple solution makes sure my grocery trip runs are drama-free, and my delicate cargo arrives home safely. Simply click these car hooks to the back of your headrest and drive easy.

This Spinning Brush Cleaner doubles as entertainment.

There’s nothing worse than yucky brushes. Make-up accumulation ruins my brushes’ pretty appearance and gets powder on my make-up bag. And, more importantly, it’s a literal breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck. My sister loves this brush cleaner. It gets her brushes looking like new in no time. And, it’s super fun to watch. Seriously, I could watch those brushes spin all day.

Mama won’t be angry with this Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner.

This fun microwave cleaner will make sure that your mother is not angry because it’ll leave your microwave spick-and-span. I try to keep my kitchen cleaners as natural as possible, and I love that you load angry mama up with only vinegar and water. Now, I’ve just got to wait for my manager to wise up and get one of these for the dreaded office microwave.

But not everything is found on Amazon.

Yep, let’s head over to Etsy to take a look at those highly-anticipated Schitt’s Creek Christmas decorations.

The Ew 2020 bauble.

via : Etsy

This black-and-white ornament comes in a variety of ribbon choices, including a festive red-and-black checkered pattern… Oh, and it totally sums up our feelings for this year. Ew, 2020.

How cute is this Cartoon Rosebud Motel bauble?

via : Etsy

David, Alexis, Moira, and Johnny are all featured in this adorable Christmas tree edition.

Or what about these Paper Character Baubles?

via : Etsy

This ornament set comes with all the Roses in Santa hats and variations of their iconic sayings, like Moira’s, “Never let the grinches get you down!”  

These White Schitt’s Creek Baubles will really get you into the festive mood.

via : Etsy

Excuse me while I buy all 3.

Or how about an Authentic Wooden Rose Apothecary bauble?

via : Etsy

“Handcrafted with care” guaranteed!

The It’s My Turn To Take A Selfish bauble for all our hearts.

via : Etsy

Let Santa know that it’s your turn to take a selfish this season with this sparkly Christmas ornament.

Just look at these Dave Rose Miniature Sweaters!

via : Etsy

These super tiny black sweaters come in either white stars along the collar or with the word, “Icon”… And they’re guaranteed to look so cosy and cute on your tree.

And then we have this dainty and stylish Love That Journey For Me Bauble.

via : Etsy

Because there’s no other slogan more fitting for the festive season, right?

Black Ew David Baubles to match your black heart.

via : Etsy

With “Ew, David!” on one and David’s black-and-white lightning bolt sweater on the other, you can’t go wrong with these ornaments… Plus, they come with custom-made Schitt’s Creek ribbons. What’s not to love? For more cool online products, keep scrolling…