We've all been subject to the whims of a school dress code in our lives, right? Maybe you've been accused of your skirt being a little too short, or your tie not being long enough. But one area that's always prone to causing problems? That would have to be the thorny issue of dyeing hair.

Many schools have a stipulation in their dress code that hair must be kept at a "natural" color. But one mom had a big problem with this - and took to Reddit to voice her concerns and ask others to offer their opinions.

In a post entitled, "AITA for refusing to dye my daughter's hair?" a mom told her story.

"My daughter (13f) just dyed her hair pink. It's fine; I don't love it but it's hair and it won't last forever. The rule in our house is that she can independently make choices for temporary stuff like hair, but for permanent things like piercings she needs to get permission. So pink hair is whatever to me. Her school, however, called me to pretty much order me to dye it to a "natural" shade. I checked the school dress code, and it doesn't dictate anything about hair color. I asked if she was breaking any rules that were written down somewhere other than the dress code, and they said no, but they still want her to dye it."


After pointing out the hair color didn't break any rules, the school made a dramatic step. "The principal passed a new rule that all hair colors now have to be ones that occur in nature. I talked to my daughter about it, and she really doesn't want to dye it again."

But the mom still wasn't satisfied. "I called the principal back and said my daughter's hair color should be grandfathered in since it was dyed before the rule was passed. She won't dye it any more bright colors after the pink, but she should get to keep the pink. Now he wants me to go to the school governor's meeting and talk to them."

Many people have spoken up in favor of the mom's stance. "As a teacher, stuff like this makes me angry. They're making a big deal about it, not the kid. Who noticed it? A teacher or the principal? Did the kid get sent to the office with a write-up, or was she noticed by the principal?" one wrote.

"NTA," another confirmed. "Also sounds like the schools literally targeted her now as you've stood up for her creating new dress codes to get their way. It's not going to impact her learning. I think as long as she doesn't go dye it another bright color once the pink fades it shouldn't matter."

What do you think of the conundrum? Would you stand up to the school?