School District Votes To Bring Back Paddling for Kids Who Misbehave

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A school district has divided opinions this week by voting to bring back paddling as a punishment for students who misbehave.

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Traditionally, teachers and educators across the country were permitted to use physical means of punishment upon their students.

“The intentional infliction of pain or discomfort and/or the use of physical force upon a student with the intention of causing the student to experience bodily pain to correct or punish the student’s behavior.”

And, of course, paddles.

The act involved the offending student being spanked with a wooden paddle, which would typically be up to 2 feet long and several inches wide.

With them recognizing that it was an ineffective and inappropriate school discipline measure.

With the organization claiming that schools shouldn’t use any physical punishment at all.

Meaning that nineteen states still currently sanction the use of corporal punishment in schools.

But, during the 2011-212 school year, it was discovered that over 163,000 schoolchildren were subject to some form of corporal punishment.

It was revealed this week that a school district has voted to bring back the use of paddling as a punishment for unruly students.

A number of public schools in the state have reintroduced corporal punishment, bringing back paddling.

Administering 1 paddling for each misdemeanor. So, at the time of enrollment, parents sign whether they consent to have the punishment used on their child. This needs to be done with written and verbal consent to avoid any complaints in the future.

But, the punishment isn’t designed for kids who forget their homework or those who didn’t use the hallway pass…

It is for students who are purposely doing wrong things, bullying others, or misbehaving in class. What do you think? Is this too harsh of a punishment? Or will it finally restore some order in our classrooms? For more controversial news from the classroom, keep scrolling…