School Sparks OUTRAGE After Publishing 21-Page Dress Code For Prom

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Do you remember picking out your dress for prom? Chances are you had a general idea of what you wanted to wear, but what if you were specifically given a twenty-one page rule book —  complete with pictures — on what is and isn’t acceptable to wear at this year’s big dance.

Not just that, but there are more rules for some students than others.

In addition to having a much longer list of restrictions for girls than guys, the guidelines also say that some ladies can get away with wearing things that others cannot due to their body types.

The guidelines, which are available to read online, state that anyone who does not adhere to the rules will not be allowed in.

“Boylan Catholic High School dances are an event, which reflects the philosophy of our school and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Among our most important considerations is adherence to Church teachings regarding modesty,” it reads.

“Our dress code for school dances is not new,” Boylan President Amy Ott said. “It was developed two years ago by a committee made up of teachers and students who consulted dress codes that existed at other Catholic schools across the country.”

But there are those who say it’s body shaming and sending the wrong message.

“Telling one girl she has to restrict her body by only wearing certain fashions and telling another her body is fine for any fashion is sending a message about what is the ‘right’ body to have and what is the ‘wrong’ body,” said body image and media expert Robyn Goodman of the University of Florida. “These messages are often damaging to girls.”

What do you think about this?