School Teaches Chores To Boys To Battle Gender Inequality

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A school in Spain has taken a huge step forward in the fight against gender inequality…

Yep, in an attempt to stamp out the unjust gender stereotypes that have riddled our societies for centuries, this particular school has deemed it as fit to teach their boys how to do their own household chores.

More often than not, chores are sadly left to the woman of the household.

Over the last half-century, across the developed world, more and more women have gone to work, the gender pay gap has been steadily narrowing, and fathers have spent more time with their children.

Their own homes.

And are therefore given the bulk of household responsibilities.  

Studies have found that married American mothers spend almost twice as much time on housework and child care than married fathers do.

American men did an average of fifteen minutes of housework each day, while women did forty-five, the American Time Use Study found.  

While most women – fifty-five percent – did at least some.

Like Spain, for example.

“Meanwhile, Spanish women only spend about an hour and a half a week on housework, while American women spend about four and a half hours each week.”

Why are Spanish women under less pressure to maintain their households?

A Spanish school has recently received praise for its innovative approach to normalizing household chores amongst their male pupils.

Such as cooking, cleaning, and sewing, bedmaking, and washing clothes.

As well as by some of the fathers of the students.

Of course, some of the students were a little unsure at first (because what kind of teenager wants to do chores?) but, once they discovered how easy and enjoyable the tasks could be, they soon warmed up to the idea.

And ultimately that household chores are not a woman’s responsibility.

And break the stigma that comes along with these types of activities.

Since the idea went viral, people have been loving the idea.

“It seemed very useful for our students to learn to perform these tasks so that when they form a family, they are involved from the beginning and know that a house is a matter of two, it’s not a matter of women cleaning, doing the dishes and ironing. This will allow them to become aware and learn to handle themselves at home.”

So their pupils are fully equip for the adult world.

This is a huge achievement in the fight against gender inequality…

And it’s only the beginning. Keep scrolling to read more about the change in pay for female soccer players…