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After the saddening news emerged that Scott Disick checked out of rehab just days after checking in, it seems as if the relationships in his life were on the verge of imploding. But now according to multiple news outlets, Scott and his girlfriend of 3 years, Sofia Richie, have called it quits.

Keep scrolling to find out what a source had to say about the immense tension that led to this decision...

After the shocking news emerged that Scott Disick fled from rehab just days after checking in...

It has now been revealed that the event had really taken a strain on the relationships in his life with both Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick rose to fame on a show we all know well...

And, during the show, Scott became well known for dating Kourtney Kardashian. Their relationship began in 2006, not long before the launch of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

But sadly, it wasn't meant to be...

And after a bumpy road, in 2015 the on-off couple split for good.

Scott certainly isn't one to stay out of controversy, but this time he may have bitten off more than he could chew...

In fact, if you've ever watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you've seen firsthand the type of trouble that his wild hi-jinks have gotten him into.

There was that time he shoved a hundred dollar bill into a waiter's mouth.

This infamous 2010 episode of KUWTK included a scene that's difficult to forget: A ridiculously drunk Scott getting deliberate with an innocent waiter for unknown reasons and then proceeded to shove a wadded up $100 bill down his throat. Classy!

Or the time he punched a mirror in Miami...

During a disagreement with then-girlfriend Kourtney about smoking pot in their apartment, Scott's anger got the best of him and he smashed a mirror to pieces. The incident was featured on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, leaving many fans to wonder about Scott having an anger problem.

Remember the time he called Kourtney "fat?"

This incident happened shortly after Kourtney gave birth to their daughter Penelope. He decided it would be a good idea to go on about how she looked when they first met, and how different she looks now with the added baby weight. The remarks later made Kourt cry.

Oh, and let's not forget the countless times he cheated on Kourtney, the mother of his 3 children.

One of the most notable infidelities was in 2015 when he ran off to France with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli. All while Kourtney stayed back in Calabasas taking care of their kids.

He also gave his underage girlfriend alcohol...

Not only is it totally gross that a then-thirty-three-year-old man would date a teenager (she was nineteen at the time), but Scott also thought it would be a good idea to fly Bella Thorne to France for the sole purpose of getting wasted.

And remember that time he invited a random woman on the family vacation?

The Kardashians invited Scott on their family vacation even though he and Kourtney had broken up in order to make him feel included. But he invited a mysterious woman named "Chelsea" to come without consulting anyone else.

Then he also forgot his daughter's birthday...

Okay, this one is just plain sad. In July of 2016, Scott's adorable daughter Penelope turned 4 years old. She celebrated in typical 4-year-old fashion, with a giant party in the Bahamas. But there was one important person missing from the festivities – Scott Disick,  who also failed to post anything on social media about the day.

He hasn't had a good relationship with Instagram, either.

A few months ago the social media star was called out for posting what was described to be a "racist" post but after that died down, he's been pretty quiet.

But a few weeks back, matters seemed to have reached new heights for the star...

Because it has been revealed that he has checked himself into rehab.

The star has yet again been battling with ongoing substance abuse issues...

And now he appears to be seeking help for his struggles.

According to E!, the star entered a treatment facility in Edwards, Colorado last week.

"It's true. Scott checked in last week," a source revealed. 

Scott's previous struggles with substance abuse have been no secret over the years...

And he had been sober for the past few years since he last sought treatment in 2017 - and it is truly disheartening to see him plunge back into this downward spiral again.

But, reportedly, his substance abuse had gotten worse over the last couple of weeks.

And Kourtney was forced to step in.

The source revealed that Scott had a "lot of guidance" from Kourtney...

And that she "demanded that he get help."

In fact, according to the source, Kourtney won't allow him around the kids until he gets treatment.

"Things have been bad the last couple of weeks and Kourtney won't allow him around the kids unless he gets treatment."

But things are just too difficult for Scott.

It has emerged that Scott has already checked out of rehab after a member of staff leaked a picture of him online... which left the reality star utterly furious.

It is believed that he is now back in L.A. quarantining by himself...

But this means that he isn't getting the help that he so desperately needs. It also means that he's been away from both Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie, but only one of these relationships survived the ordeal.

Multiple news outlets reported that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have called it quits.

After a 3-year-long relationship, Scott aged thirty-six and Sofia aged twenty-one have decided it is time to "see other people." And by that, I mean Scott go back to Kourtney and Sofia seeing other people.

There were a few particular things that really drove the final nails into the coffin.

Firstly, the fact that they were quarantining separately took a massive toll on their relationship.

And then there was obviously the substance abuse thing...

While E!News previously told us that Sofia was "standing by him", PageSix revealed that she was actually "fed up" of Scott "going back to his old ways."

And that included going back to his "old ways" with Kourtney.

After he opted to spend his 37th birthday with his family over Sofia, it seems as if his choice was clear. She would always be somewhat "second best" to Kourt.

A source also revealed that she wasn't being treated well...

"Kourtney didn't make it easy for her," the source claimed, "and you can only tolerate that kind of treatment for so long." It seems as if this relationship was doomed for a while now. If you're looking for more Kardashian-related news, then read all about how the family is stirring up controversy during the pandemic.