Scottish Grandma Tells the World ‘It Will All Be Fine’ and We Feel Better Already

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A grandma in Scotland has put our President’s speeches to shame with her uplifting and inspiring words on the current coronavirus pandemic.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to hear her inspirational words on the matter…

In a world ravaged by the potentially deadly COVID-19 virus, our elderly citizens are amongst the hardest-hit out of us all.

And those of an older age have been found to be more susceptible with developing potentially life-threatening symptoms if they catch the virus.

According to an expert, older people don’t have as strong an immune system so they are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. People of an older age are also more likely to have conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or kidney disease, which ultimately weaken their body’s ability to fight infectious disease.

With many elderly people living in crowded spaces, an infection can be spread much quicker than it would be in regular living arrangements.

And it doesn’t help that this virus is spread notoriously easily…

Person-to-person contact is thought to be the main method of transmission for the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Through sneezing and coughing, primarily.

In a last-ditch effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19, countries and major cities all over the world have gone into full lockdown.

While medical researchers work tirelessly to find a vaccine, regular people have been urged to avoid any form of social interaction and contact as best they can.

Especially for the elderly.

So many people have been improvising their regular visits to their parents and their grandparents… Like waving at them through windows, for example.

Some of the most heart wrenching photos of elderly relatives waving through their windows have been emerging on social media…

My heart can’t take it. 

Twitter user, Islaanne shared a video of her ninety-three-year-old grandmother stood at a safe distance at her doorstep and giving some pretty uplifting words of advice.

The pensioner had a lot to say on the matter.

The woman filming the video can be heard instructing her, “Just speak to everyone, mom, say hello” thus encouraging her to give some words of wisdom.

As she says jauntily: “Hello, everybody! I’m still here. I tell you, I’m like a bad penny – You can’t get rid of me!”

And, referring to abiding the government’s lockdown regulations, she said: “I hope you’re all doing well and doing what you’re told.”

“Keep to the rules and you will all be fine, it will all pass.”

Once the grandmother’s message was posted online, it was quick to go viral, having now been viewed over 8 million times.

People are completely loving her inspiring and uplifting words…

And many are wanting updates on the #weegranny’s process throughout the lockdown.

#weegranny content will be the only content to get us through this pandemic.

She’s a woman for the people.

Which is more that can be said about many of our world leaders at the moment.

Prepare to feel immediately comforted and at ease with the world. For more on the coronavirus lockdown, keep scrolling to read about the pensioner who was arrested for roaming the streets in the search for Pokemon…