A seagull flew right into the face of a screaming teenager on a seventy-five mph slingshot ride at a beachside fairground in Wildwood, New Jersey.

It happened on July 6th at Morey's Piers on the SpringShot which launches riders into the air.

Thirteen-year-old Kiley Holman decided to try out the SpringShot ride at the amusement park while celebrating her friend Georgia Reed's birthday. Footage posted online on July 12th captured the moment a gull slammed into Kiley's face mid-air as the slingshot ride zoomed forwards.

Realizing what had happened, a panicked Kiley grabbed the bird and flung it away from the ride, where it managed to fly away.

Kiley told Fox News she could see the seagull flying towards her, but couldn't do anything about it. She said: "I knew it was going to hit me. I didn't know what to do so I waited for it to spin over and then I just grabbed it and threw it off me quick."

The gull seems to fly away uninjured, although more than a little bit shaken up by the ordeal.

Fourteen-year-old Georgia, who was sat next to Kiley on the ride, seemed totally oblivious to what was happening to her friend as she continued screaming - she later told Fox News she had no idea what was happening until after the ride when Kiley explained everything to her.

According to Florida News Times, Georgia's mother, Arena Reed, didn't realize what had happened until the ride had finished.

She added: "I saw the wings fall from the vehicle, but at first I thought they were tickets."

She said the girls couldn't stop laughing after finding out a seagull had joined Kiley on the ride and they weren't the only ones to find the whole thing hilarious. Facebook users have chimed in on the recent YouTube video...

One user wrote: "I'm thinking that seagull may have to have counseling after smashing into a screaming teenager??"

Another commented: "I'm laughing but OMG this would be my worst nightmare, I'd die."

However, not everyone found the video quite as funny...

One user wrote: "I don't really know what is wrong with humans... No one asked if the girl is ok... everybody is asking if a bird is ok... that girl could lose her sight if the bird's sharp mouth pierces her eye."

"Wow, this could have caused some permanent damage to the young lady, it's nothing to joke about," another said.

Some were more worried about the wellbeing of the bird...

"Well hope the seagull is ok probably broke a leg or a wing hopefully not," another responded. "Hoping the poor unsuspecting seagull was okay."

We're just glad that both parties were ok after the traumatic experience... although you have to admit, it was funny!