Seal Forced To Drag Children Around in Boat With Rope Tied Around Its Neck

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Viewers have been left appalled after watching a seal forced to drag children around in a boat, with a rope tied to its neck.

The footage is heartbreaking…

This time, its seals that are the victims.

And has left the internet shocked and appalled by what they witnessed.

It’s insane how this still goes on…

In so many parts of the world too.

Since the 1960s, the likes of whales, dolphins, and seals have been captured from the wild and forced into small tanks for our own amusement.

And, over the years, their tricks and performances have made millions for the companies keeping them in their confinement.

There’s something undeniably quite distressing about seeing such intelligent and majestic creatures forced into chlorine tanks for the sole purpose to entertain and make money for humans.  

Netflix released the documentary, Blackfish, which analyzed the events leading up to the death of Sea World trainer, Dawn Brancheau, who was killed by their largest orca, Tilikum.

And thus showed the disgraceful treatment of all marine mammals once they are in captivity – This includes brutal training techniques, the forced separation of mothers from their calves, and even showed how staff lock up the animals in tiny, blacked-out boxes every single night.

And, shortly after the documentary’s release, people instantly turned against Sea World, with even more calling to boycott any company that profits from keeping marine animals in captivity.

More and more people are turning against these companies who, despite 4 people having died at the hands of the distressed marine mammals, continue to train and perform their whales and dolphins for profit.

Last year, Canada victoriously imposed a full ban on the captivity of any whales or dolphins in the “Free Willy Bill”, which also prevents any captive breeding of the mammals.

And this week, shocking footage has emerged showcasing the cruelty that still goes on in many parts of the world.

And shows 2 seals swimming in a water attraction at the park.

1 of the seals can be seen with a blue ring attached to its neck as it swims around a corner towing the boat.

“I find it horrible what we are still doing to animals in 2020. All to entertain people and for money!” said Aaron Copette, who filmed the footage before forwarding it onto animal rights organization, C’est assez (translating to That’s Enough).

“Even if the owner of the park says he does not abuse or lock up the animals, or force them to do shows, it is still a form of abuse.”

The group’s founder Christine Grandjean said: “You can’t treat animals like that! We don’t want the [park owner] to be threatened and have amended our Facebook post to ask people to be more moderate when contacting him. “We don’t think he is intentionally harming the animals. Even though we have received reports that the park is insalubrious. We understand that the seals do it voluntarily, slipping into the rope lasso and pulling the boat around. But they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for the fish they are given as a reward.”

“These are animals that belong in the wild. They should not be used as entertainment by people.”

The footage, which has since gone viral, has understandably provoked outrage among viewers.

For more on the devastating treatment of our marine animals, keep scrolling.