Secret, But Not Sketchy: 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Amazon Order

There are tons of ways to save online, but saving online is much easier when you’re ordering with Amazon. Believe it or not, there are some secret tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your money – get the best bang for your buck, if you will.

If you’re on the hunt for top secret tips on how to save a little extra on every Amazon order, I’ve got you covered. And, while I’m at it, I’ve thrown in some of my favorite items that are currently on sale so you can go ahead and get the savings started!

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A Refined Taste (32% off!)

  via Amazon  

Brew the tastiest morning latte, Americano, or espresso shot with the Philips espresso machine. It’s super easy to use, and the screen allows you to quickly navigate all the various beverages you love to enjoy. It even has an attached milk frother!


Light It Up (40% off!)

  via Amazon  

The best thing about this Govee corner lamp is that you can transform your space with just a tap. The app allows you to completely adjust the lighting, the brightness, and the color to give your space the ambiance that you’re looking for in any situation.

Coupon Quest:

Uncover hidden treasures in the form of digital coupons scattered across Amazon’s vast digital landscape. Clip and save on select products at checkout.


Grow Anywhere (46% off!)

  via Amazon  

Grow all sorts of delicious herbs and veggies with this amazing hydroponic planter. It’s an easy way to get your seedlings and sprouts started and even let things grow and flourish, no matter what sort of outdoor space you’re dealing with.

Stay Smart (24% off!)

  via Amazon  

Stay connected and keep up with it all when you’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. You can stay plugged in to all those essential notifications, to your essential stats, to your sleep health, and to your daily schedule when you’ve got the gorgeous Galaxy Watch on your wrist.

Price Patrol:

Keep your finger on the pulse of Amazon’s ever-changing prices with nifty price tracker tools. Catch the lows and swoop in for the best deals.

Time for an Upgrade (22% off!)

  via Amazon  

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your TV, now’s the time to do it! This deal is too good to miss out on, and you’re not just getting any TV – you’re getting a Fire TV that gives you all the Alexa bells and whistles you love.

White and Bright (54% off!)

  via Amazon  

Get a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile with this tooth-whitening kit. The process is simple, and the results are incredible! No need to spend hours at the dental office or hundreds of dollars on expensive treatments. This kit gives you the whitening power you want at a fraction of the cost.

Lightning Strikes:

Don’t let lightning deals pass you by! These fleeting discounts offer lightning-fast savings on a rotating selection of items. Strike while the savings are hot.

A Quality Clean (27% off!)

  via Amazon  

If you don’t already have a bidet, you’ve got to get your hands on this one! It’s a brilliant way to keep yourself clean, to cut down on the amount of paper waste you create, and to be ready for anything – even something unexpected like a broken arm or a hurt back.

The Softer Side of Storage (10% off!)

  via Amazon  

It doesn’t matter what you store in this gorgeous, soft-sided basket; it just matters that you store things inside. It’s a stunning addition to any room in your home and it allows you the space to stash things like pet toys, throw pillows, or your favorite throw blankets.

Warehouse Wonders:

Venture into the Amazon Warehouse, where treasures await in the form of open-box and refurbished goodies. Bag a bargain without sacrificing quality.

Storage on the Go (15% off!)

  via Amazon  

Storage is great, but storage that can move around and adjust to your needs is even better. This rolling cart allows you some extra space to stash your essentials, pack your pantry, or deck out your bathroom and easily change your mind when you need to readjust.

Plants for Days (23% off!)

  via Amazon  

Bring the ground up to you with this great rolling planter. It gives you the space you need to plant those babies that need just a little extra help, allowing you to avoid stooping and kneeling unless you’ve absolutely got to. And it’s got extra storage on the bottom, too!

Hidden Gems in Deals:

Dive deep into Amazon’s labyrinth of deals and unearth hidden gems. From clearance finds to overlooked discounts, there’s a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

Make Your Own Screen (33% off!)

  via Amazon  

You can turn pretty much any wall in your house into a movie screen with this awesome projector. It’s a must-have if you’re looking for some new ways to entertain the family or even get them outdoors more during the warm summer months.

Keep It Covered (40% off!)

  via Amazon  

One of the easiest ways to bring together all of your patio furniture and decor is with a great, weatherproof, outdoor rug, and this is probably my favorite I’ve found so far! It’s affordable, it’s huge, and it’s durable so you can invest once and not have to do it again for decades.

Bulk Bonanza:

Stock up and save with bulk purchases. Amazon rewards those who buy in bulk with discounts on everything from snacks to household essentials.

Pack It Up (10% off!)

  via Amazon  

Pack up a week’s worth of lunches in this box. Or just one big meal. Or lots of snacks if you’re more of a snacker. This insulated, spacious box has all the room you need to store your favorites so you’re ready to head to work or the beach or on a road trip.

Let Loose (10% off!)

  via Amazon  

Whether you’re a yogi or you love meditation or you’re just looking for a deeper stretch, this bolster is something you’ve got to have. It allows you to support your back, hips, legs, or neck so you can get deeper into those stretches or more relaxed into your meditations.

Student Savings:

Are you a student? Unlock exclusive discounts with Amazon Student Prime. Enjoy perks like free shipping and special deals tailored just for students.

Chop, Chop (24% off!)

  via Amazon  

Make meal prep an absolute breeze when you bring home this veggie chopper. It comes with all sorts of blade attachments so you can slice and dice in any way you want, getting your ingredients ready to go for whatever recipe you throw at it.

Stacked and Stored (7% off!)

  via Amazon  

Get that space under your sink organized, manage the mess in your fridge, or handle the makeup and skincare sprawl you’ve created with these great, stacking acrylic drawers. They’re super easy to clean, and the clear sides mean you always know what you’re dealing with inside.

Cashback Capers:

Double up on savings by utilizing cashback websites or credit cards that offer rewards for Amazon purchases. Watch those savings stack up!

Warm It Up (15% off!)

  via Amazon  

Stay toasty and warm with this compact space heater. It turns 70 degrees to offer the whole room some heated breeze. You can adjust it to keep you as warm as you need, and the compact size makes it perfect for staying under your desk to warm your toes up.

The Lap of Luxury (51% off!)

  via Amazon  

Lay down every night on the coziest of sheets. This set is one you’ll love so much that you’ll want to buy a set in every color. Or at least a handful. You’ll want to cover every bed in the house in the high-quality, durable sheets that feel luxurious to sleep under.

Abandon Cart Strategy:

Play the waiting game and let Amazon entice you back with discounts on items left lingering in your cart. Sometimes, patience pays off.

Mop Up the Mess (53% off!)

  via Amazon  

This mop and its reusable mop pads are such a great grab for keeping your house clean and as mess-free as possible. The slot for the mop allows you to easily “wring” it and keeps you pushing and cleaning without pause.

Shut It Out (29% off!)

  via Amazon  

Block out the extra light in your room with these heavy-duty curtains. They’re going to help you, or your baby, or your kiddos get the best night’s sleep or midday nap without any of that light leaking in and brightening the space.