If you've got an iPhone, you're probably aware of the fact that you own a remarkable piece of technology. The camera's ability to produce high-quality photos like these alone is impressive, but even if you're a tried and true Apple lover, there are some iPhone hacks you don't know. Whether it's the perfect trick to manage your e-mails or a sneaky switch to dark mode, this article has compiled all those tiny hacks you didn't know you needed.

All you need is three fingers and an iPhone and you'll be in business. Check out these hacks and you'll be the envy of everyone. Just make sure you've stretched your swiping fingers first. You don't want anything slowing you down once you know the tricks of the iPhone trade.

Live pictures are one of the coolest iPhone features.

But you can make them even cooler by adding effects. Just swipe up while you're looking at the picture and you'll see some options to add even more to that live pic.

And if you make something super cool?

Live photos can be turned into videos by pressing share and "save as video"

If you're like most people you use your phone as your alarm.

But making it shut up so you can snooze a few more minutes is always a challenge. Want to make it easier? You can always snooze your alarm by tapping a volume button.

Face ID is a helpful feature.

It lets you unlock your phone without entering a passcode. But if you need it to go away fast, press the power button 5 times and cancel the emergency call that starts. Your face ID will be disabled.

Everyone knows Siri and her voice control features.

What you may not know is that Siri can help you restart your phone, which is quite handy as iPhones drop more and more buttons. Just say "Siri, reboot device."

Sometimes you don't want to use your voice.

Sometimes you want to use text. If you're writing a message and you want to have more options, just tap and hold with three fingers. You'll see options like undo/redo, copy and paste, and more.

It's also important to have control over those messages once they're sent.

When you're looking at a message history/conversation tap with two fingers to enter edit mode. Then you can delete any messages you don't want.

You have even more control in the Notes app.

You can move text by selecting the words, then holding and dragging. You can move bullet points by swiping right and left. They'll indent further into the page, or back.

You can even scan a document into Notes.

Touch the Notes app to open the menu and click scan document. Easy peasy.

We've all done it.

An update notification pops up, we dismiss it, and now we have no idea how to actually get those updates. Here's the solution: update all apps by opening app store menu and choosing "update"

Here's one that will really blow your mind. You can answer texts from your laptop.

Actually you can pair with any Apple device to answer calls or reply to texts. Go to settings, then phone and just allow calls on other devices (it may say Text Message Forwarding). Then all you have to do is pick which devices you want to receive calls and messages.

For some reason iPhones only keep audio messages for 2 minutes. But you can keep them longer.

In the messages section of settings choose "Expire". It's listed under audio messages. Then pick never. Now you can keep those messages forever.

Set your phone to self destruct.

No, not actually self-destruct, but erase your data. There's one specific setting that erases all the data on the phone after ten failed passcode attempts. This isn't likely to happen by accident, because you'll start getting locked out after 5 mistakes, meaning it takes a LOT of time to put in 10 wrong passcodes. If you want to set it up, go to the Touch ID & Passcode section of settings and toggle on "Erase data".

Do you want a slo-mo selfie?

Of course you do. It's pretty simple too. In the camera app just tap on slo-mo and switch to the front camera. Boom. Slo-mo selfie.

But what if you need that video RIGHT NOW?

Switching from the photo to the video settings in your camera app takes just enough time that the perfect moment is often over by the time you're ready to record. Luckily with the latest iPhones all you have to do is hold down the shutter button in the camera app and it will record until you let go.

Another common problem with phones is sudden changes in volume.

Let's say you move from some good music to a very loud phone call and you need to adjust the volume quickly. Instead of hammering on the volume button just push it once and drag your finger on the touchscreen.

If you want true power you have to remove size limits.

Out of the box an iPhone won't let you download large files unless you're connected to WiFi. Fix that by going into settings and iTunes & Apple Store. Click on App Downloads and disable that limit.

Speaking of things that are irritating, sometimes you end up in an e-mail thread that you don't want.

Open up your mail app and swipe right to left across the message. Choose more, and then MUTE that baby.

On the other hand, it's easy to hear what you want.

Siri is on hand to play your favorite radio station: all you have to do is say "Siri, play radio station..." and then add the name of your favorite station.

Dark Mode

Dark mode turns all the white backgrounds of your phone to black, making it a bit easier on the eyes. You can turn it on by saying "Hey Siri, turn on Dark Mode."

You can even change how other people see you.

Add a profile picture so that your friends will see your cute face when you call! Open your messages app and click on the ... at the right. Choose "Edit Name and Photo", then click the profile icon. Choose the profile you want!

iPhones make it easier than ever to find the best Wi-Fi.

All of us know the annoyance of trying to find which network we want. But now all you have to do is swipe down diagonally from the top right of your screen and hold your finger on the Wi-Fi widget. Then press and hold on the Wi-Fi bars to see the available networks.

Silence Unknown Callers

This is one that I truly love. If you open the Phone section of the Settings app and toggle on "Silence Unknown Callers", only known numbers will make your phone ring. Everyone else goes straight to voicemail.

Auto-Close Browser Tabs

If you're like me, you open up truly an obscene number of browser tabs before remembering to close them. It makes your phone very cranky. If you want to close them all, just choose the Safari section of your Settings and click "close tabs".

Prolong your Battery Life

Replacing a battery can be expensive and irritating. Keep your phone running for longer by using this setting. It keeps your phone from holding 100% charge for too long (that degrades the battery). Choose Battery in your Settings, then head to Battery Health. Toggle the switch to On. Now your battery has more in the tank.

Quick Calculator Access

I don't have to use my calculator often, but when I do, I absolutely forget where it is. Solve that by swiping right on your home screen or lock screen and typing in the operation. Your iPhone will calculate it!

Flash for notifications

Maybe you're the kind of person who doesn't notice your notifications. You can actually make your iPhones LED light flash when one comes in. In the General section of settings, choose Accessibility, then Enable LED Flash for Alerts. Now you're fancy.

Let's say you're also a bit forgetful.

You've got a bunch of tabs open and you want to save all of them. There's a way to do that! Tap and hold your bookmark icon and you'll get the choice to save all tabs.

You probably already know how to navigate back in Safari.

But did you know you can see your history and navigate back multiple pages? If you hold down the back button you'll see all your previous pages and you can choose any one of them.

You can even make your phone more personalized.

When you're in your mail app you can swipe right or left for more options. But did you know you can choose those options? If you go to the Mail section of Settings and choose Swipe Options, you can pick which options you want where.