Dad Slammed for Selfie as His Pregnant Partner Throws up | 22 Words

A dad has been slammed after snapping a picture while his pregnant partner throws up, before posting it online.

Safe to say, people are not happy...

Now, pregnancy is a pretty magical thing.

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Think about it - a woman grows a whole new life inside her, basically converting food into a human.

Pregnant woman are essentially walking miracles.

But these miracles come at a cost.

Those 9 months of pregnancy can be very difficult for some women.

Even telling people can be no piece of cake.

Then, of course, the common side effects begin to develop.

Insomnia, fatigue, aches and pains.

And the big one... morning sickness.

Plus, pregnancy (and parenthood) can be hugely stressful, expensive, and anxiety-inducing.

So, it's safe to say pregnancy is rarely a walk in the park.

And it can be made a lot harder if you don't have people by your side to support you.

Although, even when they are by your side they may not support you as such...

One dad saw the opportunity to pose for a picture as his pregnant partner throws up and when it was shared online, social media users had mixed opinions:

The photo was first shared on Instagram, but reposted to Reddit by a user who wrote, "This account tried to follow me today, his posts are a goldmine of cringe."

The post shows shows a man posing for a picture in the mirror with his tongue out.

Behind him, his partner can be seen bent over the toilet, throwing up.

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And if you look closely, even the pair's dog joined in for the family snap.

With the original Instagram caption reading, "Me takin' pics while my baby momma throws up."

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Alongside the hashtags "#pregnancytingz" and "#beenmoretimes."

You can see the picture here:

This account tried to follow me today, his posts are a goldmine of cringe. from r/trashy

How would you feel if your partner snapped a selfie like this?

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