Senior Dog Who Had Both Eyes Removed Finds Forever Home

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There’s nothing that melts a heart quite like that of a dog who is loved endlessly by its owner.

And have we got a story for you, as a senior dog who had both eyes removed has found his forever home.

The beagle, named Rusty, had a double enucleation surgery on October 4 in order to have both of his eyes removed due to a condition called Posterior Lens Luxation.

After the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh completed his surgery, stitching Rusty’s lids up, worry kicked in as to whether he’d find a loving home…

Because the little Beagle was practically a grandpa at 9 years old, and, he had no eyes. Although, the shelter did think that he’d been blind prior to his condition: “Staff and volunteers were instructed to approach Rusty gently so as not to startle him, but Rusty was very comfortable with everyone he interacted with,” Michelle Frennier, HARPS director of marketing explained.

But that does not mean he doesn’t deserve all the love in the world now, does it?

And, we’re so grateful that the likes of Darrell Chulack and his family exist in this world…

Because, if it wasn’t for Darrell’s daughter Kristen, and her determination to welcome little Rusty into their family, he may have still been looking for his forever home.

“My daughter Kristen had seen Rusty on Facebook and kept telling me to adopt him. I went down to the Humane Society after two weeks of her nagging me and visited Rusty. He came over and started licking my fingers and his tail was wagging. He actually melted my heart,” the dad said to Newsweek.

“I had tears in my eyes when I saw him in his kennel,” Darrell explained.

“When Rusty walked into the room with my daughter and me, I laid down on the floor and lay with him for fifteen minutes and he never left my side.”

And then, Darrell decided to adopt him so that Rusty wouldn’t experience any more pain as he had already failed to be adopted prior to being sent to the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh.

We just can’t get enough of the Chulack family’s warm-hearted generosity, taking Rusty into their home, with their other 2 dogs, Bella and Chalupa, and their cat, Tarzan, who he got on with marvelously.

“At 1st Chalupa didn’t want anything to do with Rusty, but after a few weeks, she grew to love him,” Chulack expressed.

Rusty even gets excited when he hears the family’s 4 grandchildren” coming into the house, too.

How adorable is that?

We’re so glad you have someone to love you now, Rusty!