Job Opening: Senior Editor and Viral Web Strategist

Thanks for your interest in this editorial position at 22 Words. We're a thriving viral site on the brink of our next big thing, and we're looking for people who want to get on the bus and push us over the edge. (And stop us from mixing our metaphors.)

Here's what we're looking for in a Senior Editor (and if you haven't read who we are and who we're looking for, please check that out, too)...

Senior Editor and Viral Web Strategist Job Description 

The Senior Editor will imagine and oversee the creation of multiple superstories every day that will make the internet laugh, cry, Like.

You will be responsible for writing masterfully crafted viral content as well as developing, managing, and editing a team of writers who will also contribute high-quality content.

Expectations and Requirements

You have a clear, casual, punchy writing style that will win the internet’s fickle heart with little to no editing required.

You confidently use the right grammar and spelling for a given situation without a hint of pedantry. (If you care whether people use “whom” correctly this isn’t the gig for you.)

You are extremely familiar with the viral web. This means…

  • You understand that this is a strategy and numbers game. (For better or worse, quality in this genre is determined by views… But you already knew that.)
  • You can consistently write irresistible titles without being embarrassingly hyperbolic or cloying.
  • You know what “cloying” means. (Just kidding. But, seriously — it’s a good word.)
  • You have the uncanny urge when you see a good story to turn it into an ultra-compelling blog post.
  • You know how to format an ultra-compelling blog post.
  • You are aware of other major players and regard them with wary respect.

You are familiar on at least a basic level with Wordpress, HTML, a photo editor of some variety, and lame grammar jokes.

You can develop a team of writers: You are able to regularly locate and on-board excellent contributors and then clearly convey to them what we're expecting and train them accordingly until they are producing high-quality content that requires minimal editorial time before publishing.

You can manage this team you developed: You supply and critique story ideas, answer questions, edit submissions, and put finishing touches on stories to take them from good to positively kickass.

No matter how annoying it becomes, you never stop asking Is this clickable? and Is this shareable? When the answer is No, you know how to fix it or nix it.

You understand that exclamation points are to be used with caution.

You are willing to work with people who do not keep up with pop culture at all. Do you watch awards shows? Awesome! Do you expect us to have watched them, too? Sorry.

You work fast.

You shudder at the notion of an “open work environment.” In fact, you prefer working remotely in a space of your choosing and Skyping with your co-workers as needed. They’re cool, but you’ve got work to do.

You can take and give criticism like a well-adjusted, self-confident adult. We’re nice, but we shoot straight. We’re assuming that describes you, too.

You have a degree. What kind of degree? One that makes us say, “Huh. That would probably make them a pretty good fit for this job. Cool.”

Or maybe you don’t have a degree. Maybe you never finished school because you were too busy doing amazing things. Interesting choice — we want to hear more.


You tell us. What have you done that would make you a perfect choice for this role?

We imagine the best applicants will have experience as bloggers or editors for other large websites or editorial experience at a newspaper or magazine.

But that isn’t exactly necessary. If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for, we want to hear from you.


More than you're making now.

Actually...hold on a second... I'm being told I can't promise that, so I guess I'll just say that's the goal.

Pay will be commensurate with experience, as they say. If you’re the right fit for the job, it’s important to us to make sure that working for 22 Words is a step up and forward in your career, no matter where you’re coming from.

How to Apply

  • Write a list of 15 kickass blog post titles. (These can either be invented for this application or from posts you’ve published elsewhere.)
  • Write one complete post for a title on your list. (If you have previously published posts that will prove you’re a viral genius, links to a few of these will suffice here.)
  • Write a “viral” post telling us why you’d be awesome at this job. You know you, so tell us what we need to hear.
  • Or...if you think that’s a stupid way to apply for a job, do it your own way. Impress us.

Please email your application to We look forward to hearing from you.