Firefighters Wrapped the World’s Largest Tree in Foil To Protect It From Wildfires

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Firefighters decided to wrap the world’s largest tree in foil to help protect it from the wildfires that are currently still raging across California.

The news comes after it was reported that 2 large fires named Colony and Paradise merged together last week to create one big blaze that is ripping through Sequoia National Park.

‚ÄčAnd in order to help preserve some of the historic wildlife in the area, firefighters are doing everything they can to not only fight the blaze but also take extra measures to make sure things are safe during the battle.

And one of their main concerns is protecting General Sherman, a 275 feet tall tree.

While giant sequoias are known for being a tough bunch of plants, it would be too risky to leave them without some aid on the frontlines, so that’s why they have decided to cover General Sherman, and others like it in aluminum foil.
Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, a spokesperson for the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks said: “It’s a very significant area for many, many people, so a lot of special effort is going into protecting this grove.”

Aluminum is the best material for this sort of thing, as it can withstand temperatures up to 1220 Fahrenheit before it catches on fire.

According to Firefighter Insider, “aluminum foil is not flammable and can only catch fire at very high temperatures,” which makes it the perfect resisting material against the deadly fire.
Speaking to CNN, Christy Brigham, chief of resource management and science for the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks said the following: “We basically told the fire crews to treat all our special sequoias like they were buildings and wrap them all up, and rake all the litter away and roll away the heavy logs.”

The National Park Service added that this was a crucial move in protecting the wildlife in the area but particularly the sequoia species as they faced a lot of damage throughout the years.

“Two-thirds of all giant sequoia grove acreage across the Sierra Nevada has burned in wildfires between 2015 and 2020,” stated a report.

However, a charity fund named after the combined fire called the “KNP COMPLEX FIRE RECOVERY FUND” has been set up in order to help re-build the park back when the blazes have been fully tackled.

In the description, the organization emphasized that “donations to the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund for Sequoia National Park will fund efforts to rebuild trails, protect sequoia groves and meadows, safeguard cultural and historic features, reestablish access to Crystal Cave, restore wildlife habitat, and more.
“You can help us spread the word and support the recovery by starting a fundraiser on social media, creating a crowdfunding campaign, or reaching out to your family and friends. We truly appreciate all the support that you can bring to this challenge.”