We can learn a lot from having animals in our lives. For example, I have learned so many life lessons from my dog, Simon. I know now that you should do whatever it takes to be comfortable in your life. If that means traipsing all over your sleeping human in the middle of the night because you can't seem to find the perfect spot to lie down, so be it. I have learned not to be ashamed of your own bodily functions. After you fart, go ahead and smell your own butt. Be proud of the stench that wafts from your body. If this is not proof that animals are wise and have much to teach us, I don't know what is.

In addition to dogs, cats can teach us a lot about the world. In fact, #LifeLessonsFromCats became a hashtag because there are so many things that cats do that we, as humans, should adopt and remember in our daily lives. Feast your eyes upon these feline life lessons!

Cats, as we are all aware, know everything.

Have you ever looked into a cat's eyes? Then you know this to be true. Cats have all the knowledge of the world in their tiny little paws.

Land on your feet

Cats are experts at landing on their feet, and even though physics might make us fall down, the point is to get back up and keep going.

The best things in life are free

Cats always prefer the plastic bag or the cardboard box to the actual toy they were gifted. Learn to appreciate the simple things.

Look for the sunshine

Have you ever seen a cat luxuriating in the only ray of sunshine to be sneaking through the window? They know how to do it. Find your light, people.

Don't trust the red dot

This one is very specific to cats...but then again, if you are somewhere and a red dot appears...run.

Bladder jumping

This does seem to be a foolproof way to get someone out of bed. Just be warned that it's not the most polite tactic.

No filming before coffee

This is an important one. You always want to look your best when you're going to be on camera.

Cuddle more, stress less

I cannot stress this one enough. Cuddling is essential for happiness. Cuddle all the time. For your health.

Here and meow

Always live in the here and meow. Wow. Just a wonderful, A+ cat pun. And also a great life lesson. Color me impressed.

Be direct

If there's one thing we can definitely learn from cats, it's to be direct. Go after what you want. Cats are not about dancing around the issue at hand. If they want attention, they'll smack you in the face until you give it to them.


This cat gets it. Sometimes you just have to take some time for yourself. Relax. Grab a cup of coffee. Don't worry about anything for an hour or so.

Be OK being stuck

Look, sometimes in life, you're going to get stuck. Don't stress. Cats don't stress when they're stuck. They accept where they are and know that soon, things will be better.


This is true, stretching is good for your muscles, but mostly I just wanted you to see this kitten GIF. It's so good!


Venting is good for you. Cats aren't afraid to let it all out when they're upset, and you shouldn't be either!

Stand tall

It's even more powerful for a cat to teach you to stand tall because they mostly live on four feet! Standing tall is really an accomplishment for a cat.

Take a nap

If life is getting to be too much, as it is want to do on occasion, just take a nap. Sleep it off. 16 hours a day should do it.

Butt in face

You know, I have found that this works really well for cats, but when humans do it, it's deemed "inappropriate." So maybe skip this one.

Fall with style

Cats may be beautiful and elegant, but they aren't always graceful, and you won't be either. If you're falling, do it with style.

Bury your stuff

But like, not your emotions and stuff. Don't bury those. We want those out in the open. I think he means like, treasures that are important to you. But don't forget where you buried them.

Early cat

I don't think this is the saying, but I get what she means. You want to be the early cat, for sure.

Get lots of sleep

Like I said before, 16-20 hours of sleep a day should cut it. On second thought, maybe cats need more sleep than humans...

Be your crazy self

Cats don't apologize for being crazy, ever! And every cat is crazy! So definitely be yourself and don't be sorry about it.

Look cute

This is honestly a foolproof plan. Every animal I've ever owned has used this tactic on me. And I've seen a lot of humans get away with it too.

People follow the interesting

If you are a creative type, this is a really good lesson to learn. If you make interesting stuff, it will find an audience.

Cuteness is key

It's not nice to be mean, but it's an unfortunate lesson that often if you are good looking (like cats), you can get away with more.

Ignore people

Sometimes this works, yes. Cats ignore people all the time, and all people want to do is love on their cats. Dogs though, dogs love openly and unconditionally, and I happen to prefer that method.

Hide in plain sight

This is amazing. Look at that cat, posed exactly the same way as his photo. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Befriend your enemies

Just because historically, you don't get along, that doesn't mean you have to keep up the feud. Talk to your enemies! Befriend them!

Sugar then spice

This is very important. If you are going to dole out criticism, make sure you say something nice first. It helps.

If you fits, you sits.

Take up space! Be proud of the space you take up! Share this with someone who could learn a thing or two from cats.