29 People Who Failed So Hard It Was Funny | 22 Words

Look, life is a long and winding journey. Despite our best efforts to have everything under control all of the time, it just does not work out like that. No matter how many precautions we take to make sure everything in life goes right, we are bound to fail once in a while. It is just how life goes.

But one of the great things about this life during which we all fail (and fail hard) sometimes, is that we are never in it alone. There is always someone else who has messed us up just as bad if not worse than you have and knowing that can be comforting. That is why we have compiled this list of hilarious fails. Because sometimes it is nice to know that we all mess up once in a while.

I do feel bad for the model in his GIF.

But I also can't stop watching it. It's comforting in a sense. You see, I am also this clumsy. I get it.

Slipped and fell

This is hilarious. That's a great picture. I hope this photo made it into the album.

Her crabs

At least she only sent the email to one co-worker! Imagine if it was to the whole office.

Chad and Jina

Wow, what a mistake to make. I hope he felt bad. Like, really really really bad. You can't see it, but I am shaking my head right now.

Nothing stupid

This is fantastic. I doubt she was sober when this happened. With a resolution like that, it seems like she had a penchant for doing stupid things.

Green screen

How could she have known that there would be a giant green screen at prom with a starry night background?

Safe driving

To be fair, this would be the proper reaction to a Dr. Phil sighting. Unfortunately, it wasn't actually him.

Same face

Who gets three proms?! My school only had a prom for seniors, and honestly, I was relieved because that's only one dress I had to worry about.

Have at her

What a gorgeous piece of wisdom and advice her dad gave him as they were about to get married. Just beautiful.

Hey bro

I hope that was a mass email. Everyone at the party would have had so many questions.

Let's Get It On

This is why you have to make sure your DJ knows what they are doing. This must have been quite a moment.

Beer can open

I hope whoever did this got some serious side-eye. But also, this is why you don't let guests have their beers until after the ceremony.

Cheese pizza

Oh man. If I was that girl and my date brought me a whole pizza, I would ask him to marry me right then and there.

More decisive

That's one way to lose a resolution within one minute. At least she made a resolution, though. Sort of.

Ring Bear

I honestly love this and now I want a Ring Bear at my own wedding. If I can't get a real bear, a little kid dressed as a bear will do.


If you have never eaten edamame, it isn't obvious how to do it, and this is a totally understandable mistake! Gross, but understandable.


This is such sabotage! So mean. But also kind of funny.

Sticky bra

This is why you never wear sticky bras. This is a PSA. They don't work, people!

Airport nap

This is way more creepy than just a fail. But I guess this is also a PSA: Don't fall asleep in the airport.


This is so sad. But also, a night home alone with my cat probably would have been just as fun as prom.

Leaving you

I can't imagine how many incomplete and auto-corrected texts go out every single day, ruining innocent people's lives.

Taco Bell

I mean, Taco Bell is irresistible. It's ludicrous to think that you would never go to Taco Bell.

Too long

Wow, get yourself a DJ who doesn't judge you and lets you have a complete first dance with your brand new spouse.

Height difference

Girls and boys mature at different rates in high school and it is... A) very clear from this photo and B) one of the funniest things.

Lost sister

This is so funny. This is just like the time I thought I lost my glasses and they were on my face. Not like, on my head. They were on my face. I was looking directly out of them.

Unfortunate jacket placement

What a rollercoaster of a tweet. I love that they are married now!

Poison salad

Leslie Knope was right: Salad is terrible. More than that, it's evil. This is why you should never try to eat healthily.

A doughnut for breakfast

Here's the thing about sugar: It's delicious. And it would make you really unhappy to cut it out of your diet.


This woman thought she was being cursed out in a work email! This is an embarrassing story all around.

Divorce next month

What a cavalier way to communicate something so serious! Share this with someone who could use a win right now.