Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ Was Hinting at Kevin Spacey Rumors Back in 2005

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Eagle-eyed Family Guy fans think they may have spotted a clue about Kevin Spacey’s predatory behavior in a 2005 episode. What do you think? Is it merely a coincidence, or has MacFarlane been sprinkling clues like this in his comedy for years?

And if he has, what else has he been hinting at?

The Star Trek: Discovery actor says he was compelled to come forward in light of the many women speaking out about misconduct within Hollywood. (As a brief aside, it should also be stated that Spacey completely mishandled the situation by choosing that moment to come out as a gay man. Rapp’s experience of being preyed upon by a sexual predator has nothing to do with the fact that that particular sexual predator is gay. Spacey is actively contributing to harmful stereotypes that empower homophobic people. More on that HERE.)

While this was news to many, there are some people who believe Spacey’s proclivity for propositioning underage men is a well-known secret within Hollywood. In fact, some think this clip from a 2005 episode of Family Guy proves that Seth MacFarlane knew about it.

The clip features the character Stewie (a talking baby) running into the room and shouting, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement! Help me!” Could MacFarlane possibly have been hinting at Kevin Spacey’s abhorrent behaviors as far back as 2005? Who else knew? Why are we only hearing about it now?

Does MacFarlane have some sort of crystal ball that gives him insight into Hollywood’s deepest, darkest secrets? Probably not. More likely is that there are secrets like Weinstein’s and Toback’s and Spacey’s that many of the Hollywood elite have known for years. They just haven’t spoken up about them. Whether that’s because they’re trying to protect the victims or simply to protect their own reputation is unclear (although it’s probably a bit of both).

Are there other unsavory Hollywood secrets hidden in his body of work? It’s also fair to ask whether making jokes about these very serious issues is truly the best approach. Perhaps it’s actually time to push the jokes aside and confront the issues head-on, without a comedic buffer. Regardless, we’re glad someone’s out there sharing the truth.