Seth Meyers Fires at Hollywood’s Most Hated Men to Open the Golden Globes

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Seth Meyers pulled no punches when he hosted the 75th annual Golden Globes on Saturday.

The Hollywood funnyman and host of Late Night With Seth Meyers wasted no time diving into the night’s most contentious issue – sexual harassment.

“Good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen,” he said in opening.

“Remaining gentlemen”, of course, refers to the rash of scandals that have roiled through Hollywood ever since mega-producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of harassing and assaulting women in October. In the months since, many other Hollywood figures including Matt Lauer, Brett Ratner and James Toback have been accused of serial sexual harassment or assault.

Meyers also explained why he had been chosen as host instead of a woman. “A lot of people thought it would be more appropriate for a woman to host tonight’s show, and they might be right, but if it makes you feel any better I have absolutely no power in Hollywood,” Meyers said. He continued by saying that the deal they offered the potential female hosts started with: “How would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood… And they said well where is it… a hotel in Hollywood.” Amidst laughs Meyers finished with “… and long story short, I’m your host…” The camera then panned to Seth Rogen, and Meyers quipped. “Remember when he was the one causing trouble with North Korea?” a reference to Donald Trump’s continued nuclear posturing with the reclusive Asian country. This is the first time Meyers has hosted the Golden Globes, although he’d previously hosted the 66th Emmy Awards in 2015.

Meyers then asked two of his Late Night writers, Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel, to do a rendition of his popular skit, “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” in which he provides a set-up while a guest follows through with the punchline.
“The Golden Globes turned 75 this year but…,” Meyers began, and guest Jessica Chastain finished for him: “the actress who plays his wife is still only 32.”

  Meyer didn’t spare former House of Cards lead Kevin Spacey either. Joking about the film Call Me By Your Name, Meyer quipped: “It is a gay coming of age film,” he began. Billy Eichner finished the punchline: “Said kevin spacey, you lost me at ‘of age.'”

Meyer also attempted to do a set up for Amy Poehler, but she wasn’t having the mansplaining. She provided a punchline all by herself without needing a set up. “Said the peach in ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ ‘This scene is the pits!'” We can’t wait to see what other jokes Meyers has up his sleeve.