You know when you miss your mom's call and she sends the police out to look for you? Comedian Seth Rogen had the same thing happen to him Tuesday when he forgot to give his mom a call back for an entire day.

Of course, his mom did what any mom with a multi-millionaire comedian son would do. She tweeted at him.

Only thing is, Seth Rogen has millions of followers, so when they found out he hadn't replied his mom's call, reactions were swift.

People urged him to call his mom. Others commiserated with the experience of having your mom go nuclear the moment you don't call back.

Even more people wondered where he was. Was it a meeting? Was he having dinner with the Dalai Lama? Darth Vader?

One thing was clear. People really wanted him to call his mom. Seth Rogen, have you called your mom yet? The internet wants to know.