Several Injured in High School Shooting in Santa Clarita

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Horrifying news has come in today of another mass shooting at a high school in Santa Clarita.

The shooting, which reportedly took place at Saugus High School, has injured at least 7 people, with some of the victims being students. Even more terrifyingly, the gunman managed to escape from the school after the emergency services arrived, and is still believed to armed and at large in the area.

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Earlier this morning, reports came in of an armed gunman opening fire at Saugus High School, Santa Clarita.  

And the gunman is said to have opened fire with a weapon – the type remains unknown – almost immediately after he entered the high school’s campus.

And the LA County Sherrif’s Department have urged people to remain vigilant, and to look out for a “male, Asian” suspect in “black clothing.” It remains unclear whether he is a student at the high school.

They are reminded that he is armed and incredibly dangerous. If he is seen, people need to remain undercover and call 911.

And the emergency services were quick to follow, arriving swiftly to the school that sits around forty miles outside of Los Angeles.

via : KNBC

Aerial video showed some of the school’s 2,300 students with hands raised, being escorted off the campus by officers.

While some reports saying that at least 7 have been injured, the LASDHQ have only confirmed 5 injuries so far. Parents of some of the school’s students are currently on the scene.

Several students were seen been placed on gurneys and transported to ambulances in the school’s parking lot.

And people are advised to avoid the area and remain indoors.

via : VOX

When are things going to change? The situation is still unfolding in Santa Clarita, so more news will follow throughout the day…