One woman has shaken the internet this week - and has many asking some serious questions ...

Sexism still exists...

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And it is not okay.

Women being degraded and looked down upon by men has been happening for way too long...

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And you'd think that today, in 2021, equality would be thriving... right?

Sadly not.


Although the rights of women are now stronger than ever, certain individuals continue to look down upon women and, even worse, they continue to objectify them.

Do you want evidence?

Just take a look at this list compiled by a man called Alexander Cortes. He believes women have value when they're thin, able to cook, wear make-up, have long hair, are sensual and graceful, shave their bodies, wear pink and fashionable clothes, and "listen to men."


And if you still don't believe me...


There are tons of incredible sexist behaviors that still go on.

And one woman has proven it this week.​

With a story of missing out on a much-deserved fishing trophy.

Emily Smaniotto has spoken out against Bethel Baptist Church in North Union Township, Pennsylvania.

"They pretty much scolded us for being female," Smaniotto said.

She claims she entered a raffle to win a spot on a male-only fishing trip, assuming the sexist rule was a joke.

But when her name was pulled, she realized this wasn't the case.

"As soon as they called her name the pastor immediately shut her down."

"He said, 'Absolutely not. This is a male-only trip. Females are unable to attend so we're just gonna keep drawing names until we get a male.'"

But it was the Church Rev. Bryan Kelley's response that truly got people annoyed.

"The church gives away door prizes every year which are available to all in attendance so long as they are of legal age and no criminal record in the case of a firearm."

"Living in the days of sexual scandals and accusations many pastors including myself, take the personal position that we will not put ourselves in a position that could bring about a false accusation and thus bring a multitude of problems, hence why he personally offered them for men only. It was a matter of personal standards and protection and there was no intent of discrimination."

"I would like to sit and talk with them both to express a sincere apology and to assure her it was a lack of communication on our part to explain all the information more clearly and a lesson learned to think things through more clearly so we do not make the same mistake again."

"The church highly respects all women and would by no means do anything intentional to make one feel they were discriminated against and once again express our deepest apologies to the young lady and will exercise greater caution moving forward."

But Smaniotto hit back, saying, "I want equal rights."

"As a response to his statement: They're implying that women will always accuse them of sexual scandals. If they were afraid of this, maybe they should have made it a rule that more than one woman has to attend the trip, to even the numbers so to speak, to prevent this, but they didn't."

"They strictly kept it to only men and that was their "personal choice." It was not even an option to discuss the trip details if a female would have won. I would do anything possible to attend a trip like this."

"It was very very wrong," Smaniotto said. "I'm sorry I had to sit through that."

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