Sha’Carri Richardson Ran Into Her Grandmother’s Arms After Becoming America’s Fastest Woman

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Sha’Carri Richardson has made her name in headlights and she’s not slowing down now.

After becoming America’s fastest woman during her 100m qualifier for the Tokyo Olympics, she is seen doing only half of her victory lap before running into the arms of her grandmother.

Sha’Carri Richardson just secured her spot on the U.S Olympic team while also becoming America’s fastest woman during the 100-meter final at the US Olympic Trials.

The twenty-one-year-old runner will be the star of the woman’s race at the Tokyo Olympic Games in July.
She flew through the trial race, with a time of 10.86 seconds, and while that incredible achievement was in and of itself, it was what she did straight after which exemplifies what a star she truly is.

On June 19th, following her win in the qualifying race, Richardson was seen running straight into her grandmother’s arms.

The young athlete trotted about half a victory lap, then ran up concrete steps into the stands and hugged her grandmother. “My grandmother is my heart,” she said, “My grandmother is my superwoman.”
“Without my grandmother, there would be no Sha’Carri Richardson,” she told NBC, “My family is my everything, my everything until the day I’m done.”
Richardson revealed that she had recently lost her biological mother ahead of the Olympic qualifier.
“I’m still here. Last week, finding out my biological mother passed away, and still choosing to pursue my dreams, still coming out here, still here to make the family that I do still have on this earth proud. And the fact [is] nobody knows what I go through. Everybody has struggles and I understand that, but y’all see me on this track and y’all see the poker face I put on, but nobody but them and my coach knows what I go through on a day-to-day basis.”

This will be Sha’Carri Richardson’s first Olympics, where she will be competing in both the 100-meter and 200-meter races.

In a video with NBC, she revealed her fiery orange hair symbolized “running on fire”… She’s literally blazing a trail!
She also has mentioned she is influenced by track star Florence, Griffith Joyner, who is the fastest woman of all time, with her 1988 world records still standing.
“I feel I have an influence from the greatest of them all: Flo Jo,” Richardson said in a 2019 interview, “When she ran track, her stepping on the track, she brought a whole different scenery to the energy, to the atmosphere of track and field. And she didn’t let that stop her. I just want the world to know that I’m that girl. That every time I step on the track, I’m gonna try to do what it is that me, my coach, my support team, believe I can do, and the talent that God blessed me to have, every time I step on a track.”

Richardson also said her blue outfit was chosen by her girlfriend.

She told the Washington Post, “She said it just spoke to her, the fact that it was just so loud and vibrant. That’s who I am. She just wanted me to be able to make a statement — let’s continue to show the world I’m a force to be reckoned with.”
You better get used to her extravagant look, learn how to pronounce her name (Sha-Kerry) and her bold but bubbly personality, because Richardson has said she’s not going anywhere or changing for anybody.

The Olympics are set to go ahead on July 23rd.

The U.S Team is showing they are coming back stronger than ever, with:
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David Boudia (Diving)
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Good luck to all of our amazing athletes!