Sharon Osbourne has found herself in some hot water after she decided to make some "controversial" comments on the Meghan and Harry interview. Among all the backlash, an old clip of the talk-show host has resurfaced that many branded as equally damaging.

But now, the star has addressed the claims...

The clip has raised a lot of eyebrows...

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But do you buy Sharon's rebuttal?

Now, we all know Sharon Osbourne is a woman of many talents.

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Originally born in London, England, 1952, Sharon Osbourne has lived one hell of a life, and has become somewhat of a household name in the process.

She was thrown head first into the music industry.

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Being the daughter of the notorious music manager, Don Arden, Sharon grew up around rock stars and musicians which, as a result, enabled her to quickly move up the business ladder herself.

But, it wasn't until the 1970's when her life would really take a turn...

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In 1976, Arden started managing an up-and-coming heavy metal band from the U.K... Black Sabbath.

This was when Sharon met Ozzy.

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The eccentric lead singer of the iconic band caught Sharon's eye, and the pair were quick to hit it off.

After nearly a decade of on-and-off dating, they officially tied the knot in 1982...

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And went on to have 3 children together, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

However, being married to the Prince of Darkness wasn't all fun and games.


After he was kicked out of Black Sabbath, Sharon had become Ozzy's manager - But this didn't mean the pair weren't shy of drama. They frequently, and publicly, struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism, and would engage in intense and violent fights.

But, always the business woman...

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Sharon decided to cash in on her rather bizarre family set up, and collaborated with MTV to start the reality TV show, The Osbournes, in 2002.

And The Osbournes was nothing short of iconic.

Their reality show was an instant hit and gave the world an insight into the remarkably unconventional family life of the Osbournes.

But, among other things, it also put Sharon on the map.

After the show's triumph, Sharon was no longer known as just "the wife of Ozzy".

Her charisma and wicked sense of humor was evident throughout the series, and we all fell completely in love with her for it.

Following the success of the show, Sharon became a celebrity in her own right.

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In 2007, Sharon starred as a judge on America's Got Talent, and the British singing show, The X Factor.

And, since 2010...

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Sharon has also been a panelist on The Talk, where she interviews and chats with an array of different celebrities.

So, the woman's done it all.

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It's undeniable that Sharon has experienced both major highs and major lows.

And recently, she's been on a serious low.

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The talk-show host has found herself in some hot water after making some "controversial" comments about Meghan Markle in defense of her long-term friend, Piers Morgan.

It all started when Piers Morgan was accused of "bullying" Meghan Markle in an unrelenting series of rants, both on and offline.

He referred to her as a "liar" while she was discussing her mental health and said he wouldn't believe her if she was giving him the weather report.

But after facing intense backlash for his comments, he resigned from Good Morning Britain.

And that's when Sharon decided she would jump in to defend him.

Osbourne told Sheryl Underwood on The View that she felt he did nothing wrong.

"I know he has a right to say what he feels on the interview, as we have a right to say and everybody has a right to say what they feel with freedom of speech," Osbourne said.

She continued:


"Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No, because it's his opinion. It's not my opinion.

"But why is it that because I supported a long-time friend and work colleague of mine for years that everybody goes, if you support him, then you must be racist because he's racist?"

"This is the situation. You tell me where you have heard him say, educate me, tell me when you have heard him [Morgan] say racist things."


Underwood replied with this: "It is not the exact words of racism," said Underwood. "It is the implication and the reaction to it. To not want to address that, because she is a black woman, and to try and dismiss it or to make it seem less than it is. That's what makes it racist. Right now I am talking to a woman I believe is my friend. I don't want anybody here to watch this and think we are attacking you for being racist."

Osbourne replied: "I think it's too late. That seed is already sown."


Her other co-host, Elaine Welteroth, added that it was a moment to "stand up for anti-racism." Welteroth added: "When we give passes or give space to people who are saying damaging, harmful things, what we're kind of doing is permissing it," she explained. "And I think that's what people are reacting to."

But no one could excuse Osbourne's aggression during the rant when discussing racism.

"And don't try and cry. 'Cause if anyone should be crying, it should be me." Osborne claims while Sheryl Underwood replies: "But right now, I'm talking to a woman who I believe is my friend."

The segment did not sit well with a lot of people...

And while all that drama was going on, an old clip of Osbourne from 2018 resurfaced in which she claims Meghan Markle is not really Black.

It seemed to come from the idea that Markle is "white-passing" but because the conversation was not about that, the other members on the panel shut it down to discuss why Markle's treatment by the press came from inherently racist foundations and Osbourne was attempting to dismiss that.

There is a fine line between understanding someone else's experience and dismissing it.

Dismissing it only adds to the issue of micro-aggressions faced by Black and Brown people on a daily. Taking a step back to understand why your experiences might not be similar to others is important when you're trying to educate yourself on the matter.

After the scandal, Osbourne released a statement in which she tried to recognize how her behavior may have come across:

In it, she wrote how she's always received support and love from the Black community and apologized to anyone she's let down because of her recent actions. She even addressed the fact that she let her "fear and horror of being accused of being a racist take over."

But she's also hit back at her critics.

"I'm like, 'I've been set up.' And I went like, 'How dare you all do this to me?' I'm your sacrificial lamb."

"I was so angry, I cannot begin to tell you. Not with Sheryl, not with Elaine, not with anybody."

"But a company that I've worked at for 11 years."

"It's the cancel culture, isn't it? Throw her under the bus."

Watch the resurfaced video above.

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