Twenty-nine-year-old olympian Shawn Johnson has announced she's now a mom of 2!

The retired gymnast has given birth to her second child, who she shares with her husband Andrew East. They are also parents to twenty-month-old daughter Drew Hazel East.

Shawn and Andrew told E! News: "We are absolutely in love with our little man. Drew is so sweet with him—you can tell she's already such a great big sister."

The couple shared the exciting news on their Instagram page. "We're so excited to announce a new friend is here!" They captioned their post on July 20th. "Mom and baby are doing well and we can't wait to meet our new friend!"

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The Olympic gold medalist announced her pregnancy in January and documented the whole experience on Instagram.

"Feel like this happened right before Drew too..." the athlete wrote. "Have officially hit the wall where I don't want to work, I'm stressed about everything, overthinking everything, irritable, and exhausted. All I have room to think about is our little family and little man on the way."

But becoming a new mom has not been easy for Shawn. She got pregnant with Drew after suffering a miscarriage and suffered a couple of health scares with her latest pregnancy. She battled Respiratory Syncytial Virus, an illness with cold-like symptoms that can cause serious problems for babies. And while pregnant with her son, Shawn also tested positive for coronavirus.

"1: I don't want to get my family sick," she said on her Instagram Story in January. "2. I have asthma and have had it my entire life so this scares me a little extra," she explained. "3: had a very close family member fight for his life last month while battling Covid so it's a serious topic of concern/hits home in our household."

Shawn told E! News that her recent pregnancy was unexpected. "We said we would start trying around a year thinking it would take at least a year," she said in January. "So this was a shock. So we did not think it would happen this fast or we would be dealing with this soon, but we kinda just have the mindset of we are people who love our sleep and love our routine and love just having some stability in life."

In April, Shawn detailed how different her current pregnancy felt.

"And I don't know if that's because my lifestyle is so crazy, chasing a toddler around or if it's actually, like, just a different pregnancy," she said. "But I will say the only thing that makes it easier is because I have a toddler, I don't have as much mental capacity to worry and honestly forget I'm pregnant a lot, which is a good thing right now just because it takes your mind off of that anxiety. And on to the anxiety of a toddler. So it's, you know, crazy. But it's been great."

We wish the young family all the best!