She Ordered a 'Vegan Meal' From a Restaurant, and What She Got Will Make You FURIOUS! | 22 Words

Things aren't easy for vegans. Though restaurants are getting better at providing offerings for people with dietary restrictions, sometimes dining out still ends in disaster.

See how this restaurant messed up a simple request and managed to upset people that had never even eaten there.

Restaurants aren't often equipped to handle the diets of vegetarians or vegans, but many will still try to whip something up to satisfy their customers.

But when one place claimed they "catered to vegans," the disappointing result made it clear, they don't. This incident took place in Spain, and the vegan in question was a visiting American.

Uhh. What is that? I mean, I know what ingredients those are, but how on Earth would someone working in a restaurant consider that a "dish?"

Tomatoes, onions, and...literally nothing else. Were they trying to be spiteful? I mean, the staff can't be that clueless, can they?

As the diner's sister, Gabbie, posts, vegans don't have to eat like rabbits.

And I'm sure they'd rather dine on something other than raw vegetables, but the kitchen was clearly stumped by a vegan request. Ouch. Why couldn't they make something like this?

This guy was clearly trolling here.

Technically, it is vegan, but is it too much to ask for an actual dish, instead of just a smattering of random ingredients on a plate?

All the non-trolls agreed: Everything was "the problem" with this dish.

Just because someone's a vegan doesn't mean they can choke down something so plain and...just awful.

Several responses seemed to be geared towards treating vegans like criminals. Or implying that this is somehow her fault.

Don't feed the trolls! First off, she doesn't look unhappy. Secondly, meeting the bare minimum of someone's request is not good service.

If you're wondering how much Gabbie's sis shelled out for this culinary curiosity, it ran her about $10.

Not a huge sum, but based on the value, I'd safely say this is a rip-off and a big disappointment.

By way of explanation, Spain historically has very meat-centric cuisine, so some restaurants are still getting the hang of accommodating vegan requests.

So while Americans might be a little miffed, it pays to understand that every country isn't on the same page when it comes to these sorts of things. Fortunately, I'm sure there are tons of Spanish restaurants that can do a better job of feeding a vegan, so let's hope that this diner found some of those places while on her trip!