Shelter Dog Adopted After 886 Days Will Spend the Holidays With a ‘Family of Her Very Own’

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I think we’re all in need of some good news right about now, and that’s exactly what we’ve got coming up…

After patiently waiting for a staggering  866  days, a lonely shelter dog has finally found her forever home.

This is incredible news…

Because, these days, far too many dogs are living out their days in animal shelters.

According to statistics by the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs are surrendered into animal shelters nationwide every single year.

But sadly, too many people don’t realize this, and they are quick to give up their pooches once they’ve grown bored and tired of them.

Around 670,000 of these pooches end up being euthanized every year, as a tragic result of never finding a fitting home.

The permanently unsettled, and somewhat chaotic and overcrowded environment of a shelter can cause great stress to our poor pooches.

Puppies are cute, I know… But older dogs need love too!

In the last couple of years, adoption has actually been rising in popularity…

And more and more people are opting for animal shelters over pet stores every year.

Shelters still need all the help they can get in order to rehome all of their 4-legged residents.

And this brings us to the sorry tale of Charlize.

When Anna and Matthew arrived at the Delaware SPCA in Newark, they knew for sure they would be walking out with Charlize.

She spent a total of 866 days of her life at the SPCA, just waiting for the right family to come along.

It’s a crazy amount of time for any animal to live in a shelter…

Spending a total of 990 days without a home to call her own.

And as soon as they saw Charlize, they couldn’t help but fall in love.

“And now, seeing how excited she is to be home and with people loving her makes us so happy.”

Even managing to sneak into bed with them both for some much-needed cuddles.  

“It’s like we have known her much longer than we have,” said Anna.

But Charlize was obviously the star of the show.

“While we’re always excited for all our families and lucky animals, we are especially thrilled for our longest resident dog, Charlize, who, after 866 days with us, was adopted today and will spend the holidays with a family of her very own!”

We’re so glad Charlize has finally found a home! Keep scrolling for more heartwarming animal content…