Sheriff Confirms Carole Baskin’s Husband’s Will Was ‘100% Forged’

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Carole Baskin has been a bit of an obsession over the last few months, and people are convinced that she had something to do with the disappearance of her ex-husband, Don Lewis.

And now it seems there’s been another huge twist in the tale…

Carole Baskin became one of the most talked-about women in the world after the release of Tiger King

And we all know why. But firstly, let’s start from the beginning…

Netflix’s docuseries, Tiger King gave us a majestic insight into the captivity of big cats here in America.

The 7-part series retold the story of a war between a very flamboyant tiger owner named Joe Exotic and his enemy, a Florida-based animal activist named Carole Baskin.

The spotlight is always placed upon Carole Baskin in regards to her mysteriously missing husband.

Well, on the morning of August 18, 1997, Carole’s millionaire husband, Don Lewis, vanished at the age of sixty. His car was later found at a nearby airport.

Some of Don’s relatives speculated that Carole was involved in his disappearance.

In fact, this claim was made by the oldest of Don’s 4 children, Donna Pettis, then forty-two, in a 1998 interview with PEOPLE. She claimed that Carole feeding his body to the big cats would be “a perfect scenario to dispose of someone. We were upset that the cops didn’t test the DNA on the meat grinder.” Joe Exotic also believes that Carole killed her husband – something he has been pretty vocal about, to say the least.

He was not granted the order. Carole has repeatedly protested her innocence, and says that any claims made that she fed her husband to the big cats are “ludicrous.”

And to this day, nobody has been charged with anything to do with his disappearance.

And the Hillsborough County Sheriff, Chad Chronister, wants fans of the show to help crack it. “I figured it was time to use the popularity of the show to see if anyone wanted to come forward with new leads.”

Carole and her current husband, Howard, have been subjected to constant abuse online.

Speaking to the New York Post, she said, “He’s been trying, since 2009, to get his minions to kill me. He was constantly going on his internet show, saying that he has to get rid of me. It was very disturbing. The kinds of people who back up what he does are not stable people. It would be one thing if he went out to mainstream America. But he was going out to a group of wack-jobs.”

More and more people wanted to hear Carole’s “confession” about the whole meat grinder rumor.

Pointing out in a blog post that her tigers eat meat broken down into 1-inch cubes before being ground in her tabletop meat grinder, she said, “The idea that a human body could be put through it is idiotic.”  

People are still convinced that she was behind the murder of Don Lewis.

Don Lewis’ former attorney, Joseph Fritz, is convinced that the millionaire was murdered, according to a recent episode from the Fox Nation series, A Tiger King Investigation.

“What do you believe happened to Jack Don Lewis?” host Nancy Grace asked the attorney in the most recent episode.

“What I had heard was that he was strangled from the backseat of an airplane over the Gulf of Mexico at fifty feet and dropped out over the Gulf,” Joseph said, noting that Don preferred to fly low under the range of radar detection because his pilot license had been revoked.

“Don Lewis, he was terribly cheap while he was very wealthy. He was cheap beyond belief. What would have lured him more than anything else is a good deal on an airplane? So that’s what I assume happened – that he got lured up to the Pilot Country Estates to look at an airplane,” Joseph went on to explain.

Joseph then spoke of how Don loved his cats, saying, “He never would have just walked away from them – ever. He was proud of those cats. He loved his cats. Some force made him leave.”

A Sheriff has said that Don’s will was “100% forged.” The will in question left his estate, estimated to be worth about $10 million, to Carole and cut out his family, according to Fox News.

“They had two experts deem it 100% a forgery. But, we knew that … we knew that before,” he told WTSP.

Joseph Fitz, Lewis’ friend and former lawyer told Fox News back in May that the signature on the document was forged. For now, however, the case still remains very much a mystery.