Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Pics

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We all have that one friend who whenever a group shot is taken manages to blink, look the wrong way, or miss the memo on posing. But this dog might be the cutest of them all.

Who can blame him?

Or … scream?

Sometimes it’s hard to resist a lick.

An irresistible grin.

Terrible timing.

Not so graceful.  

Too cute for words.

Can barely keep their mouth open …


This one’s kinda scary.

Hey, what’s up?

That’s some bad timing!

“Woah, a squirrel!”

A grimace rather than a grin.

Could it be a camera flash?

Again, a little bit scary!

Odd one out.

Follow the others’ lead!

Someone get this dog some shades!

Sigh …

Not in the mood to pose.

Modeling is hard work.

You’ve got to face the camera.

Scary but cute! Want more dogs? Scroll on …