Shocking Celebrity Facts You Might Not Have Known

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What is it about celebrities that make them just so darn fascinating? Is it the fact that their faces are perfectly symmetrical, therefore making them about a hundred times more attractive than the average person on the street? Or is it because they make more money in a single day than most of us make in an entire year? Maybe it’s because their relationships always seem to be much more interesting than ours, which mainly consist of the two of you arguing over what to watch until you both fall asleep on the couch with the Netflix home screen still on the TV.

Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite actors and pop stars? Think again! The following little-known facts will have you looking at Hollywood’s major players in a whole new light.

A fair warning before you start scrolling: The last two might make you spit out your coffee. Sip carefully.

Robin Williams named his daughter after a surprising character.

While some people might have assumed that Williams named his daughter after the notoriously troubled Zelda Fitzgerald, her name was actually taken from a much more relatable source: a video game. Williams was such a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda that he decided to name his daughter after the titular character. We miss you, Robin!

Some seriously kinky business went down during the filming of “Giant”.

The 1956 film Giant starred three of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. In a tell-all published 32 years after his death, it was revealed that the late actor not only slept with Taylor on set but the iconic bad boy James Dean as well.

Oprah’s name isn’t actually Oprah.

I know what you’re thinking: How could Oprah possibly be known as anything other than Oprah? Due to a misprint on her birth certificate, her legal name is actually “Orpah”, since no one knew how to spell her famous moniker. 

Eartha Kitt has a wild story from back in the golden age of Hollywood.

James Dean sure got around! According to several sources, Dean, Eartha Kitt and Paul Newman had a threesome back in the day. “White boys are so delicious,” said Kitt about the incident. 

Elisabeth Moss grew up following an interesting religion.

Moss was raised in the Church of Scientology and has spoken about how the church is still a big part of her life. “Some people say that yoga really helps them to feel centered. And some people feel that being vegan is something that makes them more of themselves. Or Kaballah. Or there’s Buddhism or whatever. I mean, I think that for me it’s one thing that has helped me at times, and it’s kind of as simple as that,” she told Telegraph regarding her choice to remain in the church.  

Benedict Cumberbatch had a terrifying experience while filming in South Africa.

While filming the 2005 miniseries To the Ends of the Earth in South Africa, Cumberbatch and a group of friends were abducted by six armed men after they were changing a tire on the side of the road. “I was scared, really scared. I said: ‘What are you going to do with us? Are you going to kill us?’ I was really worried that I was going to get raped or molested or just tortured or toyed with in some way, some act of control and savagery,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. They were eventually let go without explanation.

Jason Statham was on a completely different track before he became an actor.

He was a competitive diver before he got his big break in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

He also had a near-death experience on the set of “The Expendables 3”.

Oddly enough, the actor almost drowned while filming the big budget action flick. After a stunt gone wrong, Statham was thrown over the edge of a cliff inside a truck as water began pouring in the windows. He somehow made it out unscathed.   

People had some crazy ideas about Shirley Temple when she was a child actor.

She was such an impressive child actor that many were convinced she was not, in fact, a child, but a little person pretending to be a child. The Vatican even started an investigation to find out her true age.

Megan Mullally was fired from the role of Dory in “Finding Nemo”.

While Mullally was initially hired by Disney to voice the forgetful blue fish Dory in Finding Nemo, she refused to do her Karen Walker voice from Will & Grace in the role, so she was fired. 

Greta Garbo was Adolf Hitler’s favorite actress.

He even went so far as to send her fan mail and try to convince her to come to Germany to visit him.

…but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Shocker, right? And although the starlet was interested in meeting Hitler, it was only with the intention of killing him with a pistol she kept hidden in her purse.  

Angela Lansbury had a surprising connection to Charles Manson.

When veteran actress Angela Lansbury discovered that her daughter Deirdre had become involved with the Manson family, she decided to take drastic measures. She immediately uprooted her entire family and relocated to Ireland.  

Denzel Washington is not, in fact, a perfect human.

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see his pinky finger is completely out of alignment, which is due to the number of times he’s dislocated it throughout his lifetime. Pretty gross, right?  

Elvis Presley lied about a critical part of his image.

Ready to have your world flipped upside down? The King was, in fact, a blonde. He started dying his hair jet black as a teenager and the look stuck.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis threw down on the set of “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”

Due to the epic feud of the two famous stars, things got pretty physical on the set. Davis even ended up kicking Crawford in the head so hard that she needed stitches afterward. 

Three iconic figures were all born in the same year.

It may seem hard to believe, but Martin Luther King Jr., Barbara Walters, and Anne Frank were all born in 1929. 

Joan Crawford’s life had a sad ending.

After an unflattering photo of her was published in the newspaper, she refused to leave her house and became a recluse out of fear of being photographed again.  

Buster Keaton’s physical comedy had serious consequences.

While filming his movie Sherlock Jr., Keaton ended up fracturing his neck during a, particularly elaborate stunt.  He somehow didn’t realize it until several years later.

Tom Cruise has a somewhat unique smile.

If you look closely at his smile, you can see that one of Cruise’s two front teeth is in the exact center of his face. It looks weirder the longer you stare at it.

Betty White is older than sliced bread. Literally.

It may sound like a hilarious jab at White’s age, but it’s actually, surprisingly, true. She was born in 1922, and selling bread that was pre-sliced didn’t become a thing until 1928. We think YOU’RE the greatest thing, Betty!

Christopher Walken had a wild job pre-Hollywood.

Before becoming the ridiculous actor we all know and love today, Walken worked in a traveling circus as a lion tamer as a teenager. “It was just one lion,” Walken said in an interview. “This particular lion was really more like a dog.”  

Geena Davis has some serious skills.

She’s a skilled archer and nearly made the U.S. Olympic Team in 1999. The most surprising part? This was after only taking up the sport two years prior. Dang, Geena!

Bryan Cranston may have more in common with Walter White than we thought.

When he was in his early 20’s, he was a suspect in a murder investigation after a chef where he worked was killed. “The detectives put out an APB,” said Cranston on The Graham Norton Show. “They came in and said, ‘Is there anybody who’s not working here anymore who talked about hurting or killing him?’ Our friends were like, ‘The Cranston Brothers’.”  

Carrie Fischer got help with her addiction from Hollywood royalty.

As a teenager, Debbie Reynolds was concerned about the number of psychedelic drugs her daughter Carrie was taking, so she called on one of her famous friends: Carey Grant.  “My mother got worried about me because she thought I was doing too much LSD,” she told David Letterman. “She had Carey Grant call me about my acid problem.”

Steve Buscemi is a real-life superhero.

As a teenager, he worked as a firefighter in NYC. On September 11th, 2001, Buscemi rushed to re-join his brothers to help victims out of the rubble. 

Jeremy Renner is probably better than you at applying makeup.

Renner revealed on Access Hollywood that he worked as a makeup artist before hitting the big time.  “I could do makeup because I did theater,” he told Billy Bush. “I couple paint and I could draw, so I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll do makeup on girls all day… It bought me a lot of free time to go audition when I needed to because I only had to work a few hours a week. I didn’t have to wait tables, so it was actually a great gig.”  

Bogie was shockingly shrimpy.

Humphrey Bogart was roughly two inches shorter than his on-screen love Ingrid Bergman, and since this was unacceptable by 1940’s Hollywood standards, he was forced to wear platform shoes, sit on cushions, and stand on boxes during their scenes together. 

Mark Walberg has a little something extra.

Think back to all those shirtless moments in Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch music videos. Notice anything a little…extra? Interestingly enough, Mark Walberg actually has three nipples. 

Oh, and Harry Styles?

He has FOUR nipples! That’s right. Pretty boy Harry is rocking a whole extra set. Now you’ll never be able to look at him the same way again.