An Amazon delivery worker has repulsed the world, after footage of him spitting on a customer's parcel went viral.

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We are living in strange and uncertain times.

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With the deadly COVID-19 sweeping the planet, millions have descended into mass hysteria.

A large proportion of the world is currently in lockdown...

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And, while most are calmly self-isolating at home, many have been taking to their local supermarkets to stockpile on supplies.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical.

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Thousands of frenzied shoppers have been seen hoarding on non-perishable items to see them through the pandemic.

And, as a result...

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The supermarket's shelves have been stripped completely bare.

People have been hoarding everything and anything.

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Canned goods, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, frozen meat... You name it, it's been unnecessarily hoarded and stockpiled.

It's truly shameful...

And one of the more heartbreaking realities of this stockpiling is that many people, including the elderly and the vulnerable, have been left with nothing.

Things are getting out of hand...

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And because the shelves are being emptied at such a fast pace, the elderly and vulnerable have been left behind in stocking up on their daily supplies.

This is unfair...

And to think that people had easier access to food back in the war is utterly disgraceful.

But when there is fresh produce available to buy...

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People must take ultimate care when being around this type of food for hygiene purposes.

But some people have no consideration when it comes to hygiene.

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Meaning that people are now afraid to shop in their own supermarkets.

Gerrity's Supermarket branch in Pennsylvania shamed one of their shoppers on Wednesday.

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"Today was a very challenging day," they wrote. "At 2:20 PM today, I got a call from our Hanover Township store. The manager informed me that a woman, who the police know to be a chronic problem in the community, came into the store and proceeded to purposely cough on our fresh produce, and a small section of our bakery, meat case, and grocery."

They believe this was done as a prank...

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"While there is little doubt this woman was doing it as a very twisted prank, we will not take any chances with the health and well-being of our customers. We had no choice but to throw out all the product she came in contact with. Working closely with the Hanover Township health inspector, we identified every area that she was in, we disposed of the product and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected everything," they explained.

Such a terrible waste of good food.

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"Although we have not yet quantified the total loss, we estimate the value to be well over $35,000," they went on to say. "We are checking to see if our insurance company will cover it, but even if they do, our rates will surely go up next year. I am also absolutely sick to my stomach about the loss of food. While it is always a shame when food is wasted, in these times when so many people are worried about the security of our food supply, it is even more disturbing."

The police were notified immediately...

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"Our incredible team did the best they could to get the woman out of the store as fast as possible. The police were contacted immediately and the case has been escalated to the District Attorney’s Office. They have assured me that they will be aggressively pursuing numerous charges. In addition, while we do not believe the woman is truly infected, they will make every effort to see that she is tested."

The identity of the women is currently unknown...

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But as the store explained previously, she is well known to the supermarket branch for causing trouble so it doesn't come to much surprise.

This is not only a foolish prank that has cost the supermarket a lot of money...

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But it is also a huge health hazard to other members of the public.

Of course, people have been left furious over the woman's actions.

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"That is just terrible in this time. I hope she is not sick. For the safety of all the employees. They do the best to serve the community and with everything else with people losing jobs and no money to buy food. Now it cost them more money. Throw the book at her," one local wrote online.

Some believe that the woman deserves jail time for what she did...

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"People are disgusting, hopefully she can be banned from the store... fined and jailed. How many families could have used that food especially during these times when stocked grocery shelves are a godsend," another user wrote.

It is simply terrifying.

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And more people than ever before are avoiding shopping in their local supermarkets as a result of the incident.

People are opting to shop online during the pandemic...

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As it is a safer, less contagious way to stock up on supplies.

Well, so you'd think.

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Today, horrifying footage of an Amazon delivery worker spitting on a customer's parcel has emerged, and people are repulsed.

Nowhere is safe.

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Just when you thought online shopping was the safest option - This happens.

The worker was caught committing the disgusting act in a doorbell camera...

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In the footage, which was obtained by TMZ, the delivery man can be seen placing the box by the doorstep in L.A.'s Hancock Park neighborhood and then spitting into his own hand.

He then gathers his spit and wipes it on the box...

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Before calmly scanning the code and continuing with his job.

You can watch the full video here.

Though be warned, you may not want to shop with Amazon ever again. Luckily, the homeowners were notified of the incident by a neighbor who witnessed the full thing. They have now contacted an Amazon rep to take the matter further. For more on Amazon, keep scrolling to hear how the CEO, Jeff Bezos, has sparked outrage regarding his stance on the COVID-19 crisis...