Siblings Break Down in Tears as Stepdad Asks to Adopt Them

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One stepdad has left the internet in tears over a viral video of him asking to adopt his step-kids…


Fifty-two-year-old, Juan Marroquin, had been a father figure to the 3 siblings for the last eighteen years. So his recent gesture asking if he can officially become their dad was a huge deal…

During his stepdaughter, Anahy Olmedo’s, twenty-second birthday party, Juan gave a present to her and her siblings, Isabel Arias, 27, and Arturo Olmedo, 25.

“Although it was my sister’s birthday, my stepdad had a gift for each of us,” the eldest, Arias, told The Epoch Times. “He wanted us to open the gifts together.”


Their mother, Angela Marroquin, filmed the whole thing and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight…

“My dad was to the side of the table, then they said, ‘Okay, open your gift!’” Isabel said.

After seeing the papers inside “We all cried at once,” she admitted. “Underneath the candy was the adoption paperwork and a pink sticky note, saying, ‘Will you be my [son or] daughter?’”


After reading the surprising note, Anahy said: “You want to adopt us?” before each of the siblings ran up to Juan to give him a hug…

After the heartwarming moment was caught on camera, Isabel posted the footage on Instagram, captioning the video: “Our family is defined by love, not blood.”


The post quickly racked up almost 100,000 likes from Instagram users who were touched by Juan’s gift.

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“Honestly, we were so shocked!” said Isabel. “However, it makes me happy … people have told us how heartfelt it is, and how they usually see the child asking the parent to adopt them, not the parent asking the child.”

“My family and I are happy that our moment made people’s day and gave them a smile and shed a few tears,” she added.


Many Instagram users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the precious moment…

“What a great family man, giving love without prejudice and what a nice surprise for his children. Very emotional moment. God bless your home,” one user wrote.

“This is theeee most loving post I’ve seen in a very very long time…God’s Blessings always!!” Another gushed. While a third commented: “My respect to this wonderful humble man… there’s not many of him in this world only a few… stay blessed family.”